Artist Susan Kare Is Offering Original Mac Icons As Limited Edition Prints



Celebrated computer iconographer Susan Kare is offering limited-edition prints of her famous Macintosh icons for the first time.

The signed and numbered prints include the world-famous Happy Mac icon and Moof the Dog Cow.

The prints are available from Kare Prints and range in price from $89 (8.5” x 11” edition of 200) to $499 (30” x 40” edition of 100).

Hit the link for more detailed pictures of the prints:

Kare was working as a fine arts curator when she was recruited in the early 1980s by Andy Hertzfeld, a high school friend, to design the look and feel of the first Mac, the first commercial computer with a GUI.

Influenced by road signs, her whimsical, easy-to-understand icons defined the visual language of computers for decades — the Trash Can, the Bomb, the Paint Can.

Kare went on to design the Mac’s fonts, and later went to work for Steve Jobs at NeXT. She designed icons for Microsoft’s Windows 3.0. More recently, she created a line of virtual gifts for Facebook.

Kare is widely recognized as the groundbreaking designer of graphical user interfaces, mostly because the meaning of her symbols were instantly apparent.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York praised Kare’s designs for being able to “communicate their function immediately and memorably, with wit and style.”

  • Anonymous

    What, no sad mac?

  • Josh Sunshine

    I think the dogcow is called Clarence. The noise it makes is a ‘moof’ (mixture of ‘moo’ and ‘woof’).

  • Pete Mortensen

    Nah, it’s Clarus.

  • Gene

    Susan’s been selling these prints on her website for quite some time now — like, for more than a year. So, “for the first time” may be technically correct, but sort of tenuous.

  • Jackson Myers

    No, it’s name is Clarus.

  • MarkJ

    These are great! Just ordered 2, Mac and Watch

  • Gouldsc

    Thanks for this story. I just bought myself a dogcow print for my office. Too cool.

  • Togovero

    Yes, there is Sad Mac print too, on the site.

  • Ndh_mashfan

    Am I the only one who thinks $89.00 is an insane price for this?

  • jeffharris

    Those look like fun! I’d be too embarrassed to actually hang them in my apartment, though. ;-)

    Yes, that’s Clarus the Dogcow. Mooooooof!

  • HammyHavoc

    As prints go, it’s not a bad price. The limited quantities are what makes this so valuable.

  • Jackson Myers

    The Dogcow’s name is not Moof. It’s Clarus. The sound it makes is “Moof!”.