Next iPod Nano to Boast Camera But Keep Current Form Factor?



A part purported to be destined for a forthcoming iPod nano suggests that the seventh generation device could bring back a camera and video recording capabilities to the second smallest iPod, whilst retaining its current tiny form factor.

The picture above was sent to two days ago, and on previous occasions the Tiawanese site has been relatively accurate with its leaks of upcoming parts and devices. The site recently leaked plans of the revised iPhone 4 built for CDMA and Verizon before its launch, and prior to that it published pictures of a miniature touch screen that later arrived in the current iPod nano.

The casing discovered by is virtually identical to that used for the sixth generation iPod nano, as shown in the image below taken from an iFixit teardown. The only difference, of course, is the big hole in the top right-hand corner.

Apple’s fifth-generation iPod nano was the first to feature a camera capable of shooting video, however, it was removed when the device received a complete design change last September. Video recording was substituted for an incredibly small form factor, an iOS-like user interface, and a multitouch display.

  • Mathieu Hendey

    The title says “iPad” nano, doesn’t really make sense

  • Brandon

    iPad or iPod?

  • Johan Delfs

    iPad nano?

  • KillianBell

    Sorry guys – silly typo – now fixed!


  • Chris

    yep apple should use more tlling names like iGiantUselessFlatTouchThingComputerWannabe oder iMiniMusicPlayer …

    just kidding :D

  • Brandon Chang

    but what happens to the clip???? u cant put the camera beehindt the clip

  • Amazed

    Whoever’s behind this is getting fired.

  • Magaret

    The classical apperance of iPod is very beautiful.not need a wireless camera with receiver

  • Andrew James

    A part purported to be destined for a forthcoming iPod nano suggests that the seventh generation device could bring back a camera and video.____________________

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