Recreate The Game Boy Camera With 8-Bit Pocket Camera App [Photography]



Those of you of a certain age might remember the Game Boy Camera, an ingenious add-on for the original Nintendo Game Boy that snapped tiny 128×112 pictures.

It was briefly one of the most exciting ideas in handheld consoles – suddenly the Game Boy wasn’t just for games, it was for other fun stuff too!

Better still, if you had the money to spare, you could buy a Game Boy Printer and print out your pixellated works of art to give to friends.

All that’s ancient history, which is precisely what makes it the ideal starting point for an iOS app.

It’s called 8 Bit Pocket Camera, and it’s lots of fun and, at just a dollar, excellent value.

IMG 1294 IMG 1292

The app faithfully re-creates the options you might have found in the original Nintendo device and adds more. You can flick through various styles, create multi-panel images, and distort your view for fun. Once the images have been taken, you can edit the border and paper color, before exporting to the Camera Roll or emailing to friends.

The images are saved to your Camera Roll as 200×200 tiffs, but exported as PNG files if you’re emailing or sending to the web.

8BPC test shot 1 8BPC test shot 2

8-Bit Pocket Camera appeals to everyone: today’s kids can find out (and laugh at) what sort of technology their parents used to think was cool; and yesterday’s kids can enjoy a delightful lo-fi trip down memory lane. A great photo app.