Amazon May Announce Cloud Service Ahead of Apple


Photo by Tom Raftery -
Photo by Tom Raftery -

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud! Okay, those may not be their words, but Amazon reportedly may make some announcement about a cloud-based storage service this week. If true, the online retail giant could beat Apple and Google to the punch.

Amazon is talking about a so-called ‘digital locker’ to Hollywood and music moguls, which could store music, movies and ebooks, according to one report. Although there is no word how receptive the execs are to such a plan, it may be further than Apple. The Cupertino, Calif. company is said to have gotten an earful from music heads that don’t agree on streaming fees. The labels want fees for every stream, no matter if it comes from an iTunes purchase or an already-owned CD.

You may recall last week we reported Apple plans a digital storage locker based on its MobileMe service that could cost $20 per month. Additionally, the tech giant is also exploring allowing its devices to stream video to televisions, using the same technology employed in the Apple TV set-top box.

Earlier this month, we reported Apple plans to use a $1 billion NC data complex for some streaming service. Cupertino, Calif. company officials have said the data complex is nearing completion.

As for Google, it reportedly has been testing its own cloud-based music service with employees.

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