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If Your iPad 2 Has Display Problems, DO NOT Return It. Here’s Why



Apple has a serious problem on its hands with the iPad 2 display.

Last week I purchased an iPad 2 on launch day. It suffered from backlight bleeding. I took it back to my local Apple Store, which replaced it on Friday. This second iPad 2 also suffers from backlight bleeding.

I’m pissed. I spent more than $1,000 for the whole thing with accessories – I want something worth the investment not a dud.

But I’m not taking it back to Apple a third time. Why not?

When I took my original iPad 2 back to the Apple Store, I asked the Genius handling the exchange to take it into a dark room and check it backlight bleeding. I asked him to compare the replacement iPad with the original iPad and report back the results.

He was gone for a long while, a lot longer than I expected, and on his return he explained to me that although the new iPad 2 was an improvement over the old one it still suffered from backlight bleeding.

He gave me three options: keep the first one, take the second one, or order a third one.

(He even offered to give me a free Smart Cover for my troubles — something we’ve already heard about at other Apple Stores to pacify disgruntled customers. I wouldn’t call myself disgruntled or even angry, so I refused the freebie (I have one already — see my review)

After some discussion, I chose to keep the new one.

This is because I do not expect Apple to be able to resolve this issue any time soon. I don’t think a third, fourth, or even fifth replacement iPad 2 will be any better. In fact I thought it could possibly be worse.

Apple has a serious problem on its hands with the iPad 2 display. I don’t have confidence in Apple being able to ship an iPad 2 with a screen that is defect free.

This is because I’ve heard from quite a few of you about the display issues encountered by other early iPad 2 adopters like me. You’ve responded to my stories about the problem in e-mails and comments left on my stories. Sadly some of you have made multiple exchanges. A few of you even mentioned being on your fourth or fifth iPad 2.

Exchanges are a bad idea right now. I recommend that you wait. If you have an iPad 2 that is usable, don’t rush to replace it. You’ll be wasting your time. I don’t think Apple can deliver an iPad 2 with a good display right now.

I’ve been told — off the record — that the iPad 2 display manufacturing problems have been identified and at some point Apple will be shipping product with no defects. When that will be though, is anyone’s guess. Apple’s PR department hasn’t responded to a second request for comment.

However, you should hold Apple accountable even if you don’t push for an exchange immediately. The first thing to do is contact AppleCare and get a case number.

Document your iPad 2 problems and wait it out. You have a one year warranty and two years if you bought AppleCare. So you have plenty of time to get a replacement iPad 2.

I’m going to wait and see what happens before I ask for another iPad 2. You should too.


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