If Your iPad 2 Has Display Problems, DO NOT Return It. Here’s Why



Apple has a serious problem on its hands with the iPad 2 display.

Last week I purchased an iPad 2 on launch day. It suffered from backlight bleeding. I took it back to my local Apple Store, which replaced it on Friday. This second iPad 2 also suffers from backlight bleeding.

I’m pissed. I spent more than $1,000 for the whole thing with accessories – I want something worth the investment not a dud.

But I’m not taking it back to Apple a third time. Why not?

When I took my original iPad 2 back to the Apple Store, I asked the Genius handling the exchange to take it into a dark room and check it backlight bleeding. I asked him to compare the replacement iPad with the original iPad and report back the results.

He was gone for a long while, a lot longer than I expected, and on his return he explained to me that although the new iPad 2 was an improvement over the old one it still suffered from backlight bleeding.

He gave me three options: keep the first one, take the second one, or order a third one.

(He even offered to give me a free Smart Cover for my troubles — something we’ve already heard about at other Apple Stores to pacify disgruntled customers. I wouldn’t call myself disgruntled or even angry, so I refused the freebie (I have one already — see my review)

After some discussion, I chose to keep the new one.

This is because I do not expect Apple to be able to resolve this issue any time soon. I don’t think a third, fourth, or even fifth replacement iPad 2 will be any better. In fact I thought it could possibly be worse.

Apple has a serious problem on its hands with the iPad 2 display. I don’t have confidence in Apple being able to ship an iPad 2 with a screen that is defect free.

This is because I’ve heard from quite a few of you about the display issues encountered by other early iPad 2 adopters like me. You’ve responded to my stories about the problem in e-mails and comments left on my stories. Sadly some of you have made multiple exchanges. A few of you even mentioned being on your fourth or fifth iPad 2.

Exchanges are a bad idea right now. I recommend that you wait. If you have an iPad 2 that is usable, don’t rush to replace it. You’ll be wasting your time. I don’t think Apple can deliver an iPad 2 with a good display right now.

I’ve been told — off the record — that the iPad 2 display manufacturing problems have been identified and at some point Apple will be shipping product with no defects. When that will be though, is anyone’s guess. Apple’s PR department hasn’t responded to a second request for comment.

However, you should hold Apple accountable even if you don’t push for an exchange immediately. The first thing to do is contact AppleCare and get a case number.

Document your iPad 2 problems and wait it out. You have a one year warranty and two years if you bought AppleCare. So you have plenty of time to get a replacement iPad 2.

I’m going to wait and see what happens before I ask for another iPad 2. You should too.

  • Forest Walker

    I think people are blowing this out of proportion again, just like the first one. Yes, there are some units with defects, yes you may get unlucky and get a string of them, no, it doesn’t mean that this is the norm. My first gen iPad had zero defects (no wifi issues, no yellowing, no light bleed) My iPad 2 hasn’t had any issues either. I know Apple aims to get people to emotionally connect with the brand and it’s products, but freaking out because of some bad luck with defects and claiming there is some “serious problem” just one week into the product’s life is kind of overboard.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a poll posted for iPad 2 owners regarding yellowing and light bleed.

  • androo79

    I sold one of my two original iPads to get a 2 but I have already decided to skip the iPad 2 this year and get a Mac mini when they are refreshed with Sandy Bridge to use as a server for my Drobo. I also want to use it to learn the Lion server features when Lion comes out later this year.

  • John Petrillo

    My ipad is due to be delivered on April 6th. If I do have bleeding, I am going to document from the second I un-box it. Thanks for the heads up!

  • John Petrillo

    BTW, the photo on this post makes my angry. It bothers me so much to see that bleeding.

  • elminno

    I have the “problem” with my 1st gen iPad, but I did not even try and deal with it in any way as the light leak is impossible to see in real usage and is only visible when the iPad is booting up.

  • Aber1Kanobee

    The only problem with your post…Well, it is “serious”! Very serious, and if Apple cant make a product free from defects after an 80Billion dollar year, then this is even more serious than the author implies….

  • Rama-Dama Ding Dong

    You know what really grinds my gears; what is worse than your Ipad “bleeding”?…David Martin. Why the do you always post something negative about apple? Seriously, almost every time it’s always in opposition to the company or a product, conspiracy related, or how they could have done things better. Your bio says you are passionate for all things apple. I’m led to believe it’s a passionate hate.

  • MacAppsDaily

    Great article, and good advice. Now all I have to do is find an Ipad at a store somewhere!

  • Jason D Guest

    What an incredibly helpful article. Thank you so much!

  • Steve Cronk

    Good call. I really don’t mind using it for a bit if I know I can get a replacement later. I hope I will be even able to snatch one when it launches in my country.

  • Steve Cronk

    If anything this is good because it stops apple from handing out tons of replacement products that have the same fault, thus leaving less for people who just wanna get one. This is a problem, and its a fact. No use sugarcoating it or trying to silence it. I don’t want blind love for everything, I appreciate a helpful advice that helps me to enjoy my Apple product. I mean come on, he tells you how you get your proper iPad. You are just waiting for an exchange, not giving it back entirely.

  • Guide4hire


    I brought mine back and the replacement did the same thing so I got a case number and kept my original unit. I could just tell the “enstein” knew EXACTLY what was the deal was but pretended otherwise. What a bunch of kool aid drinkers covering Jobs ass for selling a defective item.

  • Patrick Worsham

    :yawn: – You mean that Apple does not make perfect products? The hell you say! Please post an example of something perfect.

  • DavidWMartin

    Believe it or not – I don’t “hate” Apple. I still recommend their products to everyone I see. I push people to buy AppleCare too. They just need to work on quality and not quantity. I keep buying their products because they always make it right in the end. I expect no less with the iPad 2.

  • Justin

    Dear Apple: Please delay the iPad 2 launch in other countries. I want mine before Christmas.

  • Dilbert A


    i’m bored.

    you’re boring YellowRanger.

  • Dilbert A

    cool story bro.

  • facebook-28004591

    plus youll get a free battery refresh if you return it later

  • 97Gigas

    I’ve read about this issue and some guys says this problem tends to dissapear in the next weeks, just because the leak is produced by a gas trapped during the manufacturing process, wich (by the hurry) didn’t get completed.

    During a few weeks, the gas gets it’s way out of the screen, and the proccess gets totally done and the leak dissapears.

    Best regards..


  • Toyuwa Harris Newton

    Serious problem? Really? This so-called problem is not even noticeable with normal use, only when the screen is completely black so in my book there is really no problem. This is another case of some people making a mountain out of a molehill. GEEZ…

  • Toyuwa Harris Newton

    I’ve skipped the iPad 2 also

  • Toyuwa Harris Newton

    Thanks Forest for bringing some common sense to this topic. This is not even an issue as it’s being made out to be. I guess it’s just a slow news day so something had to be written.

  • Toyuwa Harris Newton

    Name a company that makes products free from defects.

  • theendoftime

    Simpsons FTW

  • theendoftime

    4chan FTW…

    Dilbert is on fire today.

  • theendoftime

    Cool story bro.

  • jailbreakzone

    Is it really that big of an issue? I haven’t been bothered by the bleeding issue on my iPad 2 at all.

  • Silentspring222

    I wish I had enough time to be picky about this. I have owned an iPad first generation since august and I JUST found out that this was a problem…vive had “backlight bleed” in several places on my screen for months. I just thought that was where the lights were. Never caused me any problems

  • american

    People are noticing it fading over rime anyway..

  • Hans

    What do you expect for 499?

  • DavidWMartin

    I explicitly asked both AppleCare on the phone and the Genius in person whether or not the problem on my first iPad would fade away or not. The answer was a definite, “No!” from the local Genius after a visual inspection. Although to me the tint on the first iPad appeared yellowed they said it wasn’t that and that it was a light leak. I even made it clear to them that I did not want to exchange the first one if they thought it would go away. Again they recommended and ordered me a new one. If they thought it would fade away – why would they have done that?

  • Ants64

    I agree. What about the new Intel processor. Hey didn’t/has a problem. This is all about the tall poppy syndrome. Apple is way a head and people just want to push them down. How many other companies out there are putting crap and I mean crap out just to try and catch up with Apple

  • Another unsubscriber

    Printing off the record comments? Ouch.

  • Dan

    Except that ascended is spelled wrong.

  • Dan

    It’s very noticeable and annoying to me, when I read Kindle books with the ‘nighttime’ setting: black page with white text. Also when watching movies that are dark in tone. My iPad 1 didn’t have this problem.

  • Stan081

    Took my iPad 2 back with the same problem, the replacement is a perfect display, sorry you had bad luck but you advise is not sound, if you don’t take these things back apple will see it as a non issue. Taking defective products back let’s them know it is not acceptable

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Total nonsense. Even aerospace companies that go around spouting about Zero Defects don’t build defect free products. Take the Space Shuttle solid fuel rocket boosters. Wouldn’t you think they would absolutely have to be zero defect components? They only build a few of them a year. Please stop your nonsense about a $80 billion company building zero defect products when Foxconn’s assembly line has barely trained teenagers busting their asses at top speed without proper rest or breaks. Yes, it’s serious and Apple should rectify it at some point, but I think a lot of people will take it with the defect and live with it until Apple can replace them properly.

  • Mca7

    Had same problem. Took it in and the goober told me ot was glue and would dry. I pushed down the glass and showed him it was light and not glue…. They gave me a new one that has a very smallmlight leak compared to my first one. Totally livable but still was a pain. The new one is whitenif that makes a difference.

  • Guest

    YOU are the biggest jackass, get your money back and go buy a Xoom, take it in a dark room
    and enjoy.

  • Mark Fleser

    You do realize that every single LCD display bleeds to one extent or another, my nearly $3000 iMac’s screen bleeds and so did the $3000 one before that, my iPhone 4 bleeds, my TV does too. Since you can only see it on a completely black screen and in a dark area, just chill out and stop blowing this thing out of proportion.

  • Jafraser

    You are sad.

  • Keith

    If I wait to replace it under warranty, won’t I end up with a refurbished iPad?
    Something similar happened to my gf’s 3G a while back and they ended up replacing it with a refurbed 3G. I will be quite upset if this ends up being the case with my iPad since I also spent almost a thousand dollars.

  • DavidWMartin

    Keith…with the appropriate documentation, etc. I’m sure you can convince Apple to give you a new iPad 2. Just keep a paper trail and documentation trail. The first replacement I received wasn’t in a retail box, but it is hard to believe it was a refurbished iPad 2 this early in the game – especially since I was still in the 14 day return period. I did not ask, but I’ll follow up and ask them.

  • jiggskc

    i like this response for sheer wackiness. [paraphrased]: ‘i read about this issue and “these guys” say that the iPad2 has gas. it’ll clear up after it passes.’ BWAHAHAHA!


    i get mine first week of April. Hope i don’t have a gassy one.

  • Will

    Honestly if I had not read about the problem, I would never have known and don’t think anyone else would either. It’s like looking for a problem, when your car runs great. It’s really no big deal, just use your iPad as normal. Who wants to see a pure black screen anyway….if you don’t like it, return it or sale it and get your money back.

  • Olternaut

    It was very tough. But I’m so glad I was able to exercise some discipline and not get an iPad 2. There are ALWAYS issues for the early adopters.

    Anyways, I think I’m going to wait for the iPad 3.

  • fjpoblam

    I’m trying and failing to restrain myself from talking about the bleeding edge, but anyway, thanks for your story. We were going to wait awhile anyway, before shelling out for a pair of new iPads. Looks like yours is the sort of warning we wanted to hear. I reckon we’ll wait until later this summer or maybe this fall.

  • DavidWMartin

    I’d like to point something out to all of you that are slamming me about writing negative stories about Apple. Please go read this http://www.tuaw.com/2011/03/17… it is a story about an Apple customers problems with computers they bought with Apple. This story is akin to my problems with one of my Mac Minis that was replaced last Fall.

  • Brookshanes

    It appears there is also a very large red defect on your iPad David.

  • Greenmachine

    Just as other commenters have posted, this is nothing to stress about… Every electronic device I have to include TV’s and 1st gen Zunes have this issue. This is by no means a deal breaker or a “serious problem”.

  • Anon

    I’m on my third iPad 2. David, your article is NOT bad or trying to sack Apple. The Genius even told me they found a manufacturing error. Go talk to the Valley Fair Apple store.

    Stop bashing on Martin. His article is accurate.

    Sorry I fucking use my iPad to watch MOVIES IN THE DARK (sorta nice to watch movies with no lights on, no????). The light leakage all over the fucking letter box is NOT “by design” and is awful.

    If you guys can shell out money and be okay with that, then fine. Good for you accepting a defective product.

  • :-)

    i just wish i could get an ipad2 so i could watch the light bleed through!

  • Finderwindow

    I have a small light bleed as well. Not too bad to have me return it though. If it gets bad enough, I’ll exchange it later, with second or third batch…or just wait to 2019 and get iPad 10.

  • 99snakes99

    I am on my 2nd iPad 2. I have to sa this is a problem for me and I do not want to have to deal with it. I spent a lot of money on it and i get a big white spot in the bottom of my screen. I am just going t call apple have a claim ticket and then wait it out and see what happens in the future.

  • brandy

    Exactly. If I hadn’t read about this issue on Mac sites, I wouldn’t have noticed it on my iPad in a million years. As it is, I did the dark room test and found one small leak – which I have yet to notice under any other conditions, including watching a letterboxed tv show on Netflix in bed in the dark. If you have to do the test, the problem is clearly not bad enough to worry about, let alone return your iPad over.

  • Guest1

    There is a 30+ page thread about this problem on MacRumors.com. Users are posting some pretty terrible bleeding images – many during normal use. Watching widescreen videos is a particular concern. I’m interested to see if this is sorted out.

  • cv

    Nah, that’s a separate issue, the yellowing of the screen. Totally different from what was discussed above.

  • Akira

    anything i pay 500 or more for has to be perfect. Why not? What if I decided to give apple less than 500 for an ipad, would they take it? No. So therefore I will not take a less than perfect product from them. Plus too the display is the computer; it is a touchscreen after all.

  • ? Apple News

    Cunt of Mac it seems people like yourself write stuff like this every single time Apple comes out with a new product. Last time it was the iPhone 4! The antenna issue on the iPhone 4 was never a big issue just like this slight light leakage is no problem on the iPad 2. I am sure it will eventually make it to tv news if it has not already. Then dumb ass people will make up a name for it like ‘LightGate’ or ‘ScreenGate’. Cunt of Mac and all of the other whiners please just stop buying Apple products! Go get yourself a Zune, a Windows phone, and a nice Dell laptop running Windows Vista and let the rest of us enjoy the brilliant products that Apple continues to put out!

  • Cavalryscout18

    By all means Mr Martin, if you don’t like the iPad 2 I’ll take it off your hands in a split second, and so will the other 200 people waiting in line at the apple stores at 5am this morning :) I can’t even get my hands on one iPad 2 let alone 3 of them.

  • Keith

    Sure, this early in the game I would expect them to all be new iPads, however you’re recommending we wait. So long as not everyone waits, and there are still a number of people planning on returning their iPad for a replacement, there should be plenty of refurbished iPads by the time they fix this problem, or if they decide to fix this problem at all. It could be similar to the antenna issue on the iPhone 4 (I happen to be left handed so that was kind of an issue for me.) where they just said don’t hold your phone that way, they might just tell you not to look at your iPad that way! Ha, that would be something.

  • Jon

    What a crock! Would you also like to write a story about the 100’s of thousands of people that are perfectly happy with the iPad 2! Yes some will have defects, that’s what happens when ANY product is mass produced, if your so unhappy get a refund and go away!

  • fudge2

    Replace the barely trained teenagers or the screens?

  • markbyrn

    Other than dramatic gesticulations and knee-jerk Apple bashing, can the author or somebody demonstrate the impact of this issue besides seeing the defect on the boot screen or all black background? I have this same “problem” but unless I’m going out of my way to demo it (ala the death grip on the iPhone 4), I have yet to see any visual degradation but if it happens, I’ll follow the author’s advice.

  • irunnoft

    I don’t get the people slamming the author. He’s being honest and not biased. I have purchased three new iPad 2s – one for each member of my family. All three have screen backlight bleed issues. One has four dead pixels. Mine, like the author’s, had bad enough flashlighting going on that I could see it the minute I powered on the iPad for the first time. Mine looked just like his pictured above. I just got my replacement from AppleCare. It was FedEx overnight shipped to my house (I live about 2.5 hrs. away from an Apple store). It also has backlight bleeding. In the 4 iPad 2s that I’ve seen, all 4 have screen issues. Since my replacement was better than my original, I decided to keep it for now. I had no confidence that I could get an iPad 2 that didn’t have backlight bleed. The author’s post makes sense, and he doesn’t recommend “doing nothing”. He said to contact AppleCare so there would be a record/documentation of the problem with your iPad (thus Apple knows there is an issue that needs addressing) and then exchange it later once the production issue has been addressed. Sage advice. And to the people slamming him? Get a clue. Hello? His website is called Cult of Mac. I’d have a hard time believing he was an Apple hater with such a name. Really.

  • irunnoft

    I got two iPads from the Apple store online. Both have backlight bleed issues. Both were shipped directly to my house from China. I have a third iPad that I bought on launch day from a local Best Buy. It has backlight bleed issues and dead pixels. I just got a replacement iPad for mine. It shipped from within the US. It also has backlight bleed issues. I wouldn’t call this serendipity. I would call it a production issue. Not blowing something out of proportion, either. Due to the nature of LCD, I expect a certain diffuse amount of backlight bleed. This bleed is not diffuse. This is concentrated, glaring and apparent. It’s also unacceptable. Period. And I’ve been an avid Apple supporter since the 128k MacIntosh in ’84 (which I still have).

  • Andrew Berth

    If you’re going to exchange 4-5 iPads for a problem as shown in the picture above, you’re just a big old whiner. I’m always looking at details myself, but this is just taking it a little too far. When using the product, at what times will you actually even notice this?

  • Ronald de la Cruz

    BIG PROBLEM!!!! What’s wrong with you people??? Screen bleeding isn’t BY DESIGN, it’s a production malfunction. SO it’s a problem… Period!!!! I paid something, at least I expect great satisfaction!!! Not worry about screen bleeding or anything associated with “defect”! I hate that.

  • Oracle

    You are nit picking. The display’s are fine. Are you employed by a competitor?

  • Paulwinkerwatson

    A list of cheaper products that can probably do more than mac ones and dont have defects! brilliant, im glad im not a mac sap and dont feel the need to pay over the odds for a mac label.

  • Paulwinkerwatson

    To all those people trying to defend macs saying any mass produced product would have defects..
    They may have defects but normally the producers would find out about it, reacall them all and sort out the problem fast. Something like a phone losing signal when you hold it the wrong way fo instance!

    Mean while the bosses at mac are sitting on there arses having drip fed you an ever so slightly different product that they could have just brought out in the first place, having made no effort to sort out pretty serious issues. They are laughing their heads off!

    If you pay overr the odds for a product that is missing alot of functionality that its competiters have, id expect a pretty well made bespoke bit of tech. I wouldn’t kid myself its still awsome just because its faulty but has a nice apple logo on it.

    Not that i’d buy a make product in the first place. A two minute google to compare product specs and prices would soon remedy any thoughts of that.

  • Ric

    I was under the impression we all wanted ‘Bleeding Edge technology’!
    What’s all the fuss about.
    (Or is that ‘Cutting Edge’ – Whatever).

  • Marco

    I agree. My ‘bleeding’ is in the exact same spot and I didn’t notice untill I put a complete black photo on, with the brightness on max in a dark room. But in daily business with brightness on 40% it is not even noticable. I just tried my old iPad and the result is some screen bleeding as well. I used that one for almost a year and never had a clue. I think we are making too much if a fuzz over this…

  • Brianmackey08

    why not get a efund

  • Tyler Hojberg

    I set up a replacement and the second unit I have is totally issue free. I was even having problems with the sound not working in ANY apps, the screen would slightly flicker and the headphone jack was a little off. Pissed about the first unit, thrilled about the second.

  • Tyler Hojberg

    …it was really annoying watching widescreen movies in Netflix, with that yellow blob staring you in the face.

  • mad at apple

    first of all I would like to say I have had 2 ipad 2’s and also waited like you in a very long line on launch day, to only receive an ipad with pixels that went out the next day, I immediately made a genius bar appointment, they told me “there was nothing they could do, and to call back every day for three weeks and that still would not guarantee me an ipad”, so I went home with it at that, I was not satisfied though and called apple care they were able to get me a new ipad that i picked up at the same store that claimed the day before that they did not have any ipad’s, but somehow I was able to get one, but not without a problem from a manager, that told me ” according to “apples” policies just because you have a problem with the screen does not mean you get a new product each time” I took my new ipad home thinking it was alright, but it wasn’t i was watching a movie and noticed a white shadow on the bottom of the screen, ” I thought it was from the smart cover magnets” but after reading an article online about ” iPad2 problems ” I realized it was something much more than that, so I called apple care immediately and told them the story they said they have heard about it and will try to get me a new one, but I refused, after waiting in line 9 hours and making countless trips to the apple store I wanted something more than just an “oh we will get you a new one as soon as possible” so I made the difficult decision to opt out of the “i-os device family and instead bought a mac book pro.” long story short I have never been happier I don’t have a single problem and now I actually have something works.

    P.S. If you wait to long to return your product you might end up with a refurbished one, instead of a new one when the new ones comes out.

  • mad at apple

    what do you think it is a kindle ipad’s don’t have lights.

  • brandon

    then why are you on a mac blog??

  • paulisamoron

    “Not that i’d buy a make product in the first place.” please shut up.

  • Rambo

    Great post! This is really helpful. I’m on my first iPad 2 and also opted out returning it now for the fear of receiving a much worst replacement. Based on my research online, most iPad 2 have light bleeds so exchanging it now will be useless and a waste of time. My iPad has 2 minor light bleed on the right bottom corner by the menu button like yours. It is minor enough for me to ignore for now. I will eventually replace it later on. After seeing pics from many users, some people have it much worst than mine.

    To all you negative comments stfu!!! Do you even have an iPad 2? Can you really ignore bad light bleed for a product that you paid 500$+? this guy posted something very useful to save people the time and hassle. There is no where in his post that indicates any apple bashing. He is clearly speaking the truth so STFU!!!!!!

  • Neal

    You just named 3 Apple products with light leaks. I have the first generation iPad and it has no light leak problem…….and neither do any of my 3 LCD flat screen TVs.

  • Bernie Eng

    The original iPad doesn’t have this problem

  • Jonhn

    It certainly seems to be pervasive and may be due to the fact that Apple basically forces suppliers to meet almost inhuman deadlines. Why you think there are so many problems at Apple’s China Factory! Seems Jobs is merely not interested in supplier issues!

  • Tony Gamino

    I didn’t notice it the first week that I had my iPad 2 but sitting in bed last night reading Zinio, a noticed a slight light bleed in one corner. Honestly, if I hadn’t been aware of the controversy I might have never noticed it but now I cannot NOT notice it. I think it’s something I can live with, though, as mine is not bad at all.

  • curtis jackson

    David did you complain to God, “My D**k is too small”, and he replied whoe cares.

    Same theory here, who cares about your bitching.

  • curtis jackson

    David did you complain to God, my D**k is too small. He replied “who cares”

    Same concept here. who f**kin cares about your rants and raves.

  • curtis jackson

    David did you complain to God, my D**k is too small. He replied “who cares”

    Same concept here. who f**kin cares about your rants and raves.

  • curtis jackson

    David did you complain to God, my D**k is too small. He replied “who cares”

    Same concept here. who f**kin cares about your rants and raves.

  • curtis jackson

    David did you complain to God, my D**k is too small. He replied “who cares”

    Same concept here. who f**kin cares about your rants and raves.

  • MacGoo

    My iPad 2 suffers from this on two edges, and I considered bringing it back. But I won’t yet. A light-bleeding iPad 2 is better than no iPad 2, and it really doesn’t have a noticeable effect in ANY other situation than that which reveals the problem: a black or near-black screen in a dark room. I can manage the momentary annoyance for the multitude of joyous moments I’ve already had with this marvelous little slab of tech.

  • akri


  • akri

    I’m an Apple fan as well and own the 1st ipad, iphone 3GS, the new nano and the macbook and (knock on wood) haven’t had any problems with them. I would of course be pissed off if I buy from Apple with a manufacturing issue like that..They’re a first rate company and as such we expect nothing but the best from them.

  • Robert Boyd

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I only found these reports after googling for them after sitting in bed and loading up a movie and seeing the problem. So, for me at least, definitely normal usage. Not really debatable.

    If you don’t have an issue, or if you don’t use your iPad in a way that the issue is exposed, that’s great. Some of us do and we have a right to expect working hardware.

  • Blerko


  • Yeahright

    dude, how many iPads do you need!

  • Sadir

    My iMac’s screen, my secondary monitor, my MacBook’s screen, my iPhone’s screen, my TV, and so forth.
    These all bleed. Every LCD screen bleeds. It doesn’t show in normal use. But if you still don’t want to see it, use a CRT.

  • Daddi

    What of Mac?

  • Júlio César Regis

    Hey Apple fans,
    Have you ever got interested in having sex or do something nice instead to complain about a tiny backlight bleeding?
    Oh lord…

  • Ashley C

    If you need a huge red arrow on your screenshot to point out a problem, it is NOT a huge problem.

  • Nunya Biznes

    Boo hoo. You got yourself some page views though which is what you were really after.

  • Kane Elfman

    yeah, i had some trapped gas the other week. it was painful! but i waited it out, the gas passed and i’m pleased to say, everything’s A-OK.

  • Phox

    my mac doesnt bleed, nor does my TV or original ipad…
    I was expecting much more from the ipad2 in the first place, but they didnt do much with the software so I’m giving my original ipad away on youtube and jumping ship to Android. I’m getting sick of the UI and lack of innovation apple is showing with their software, but charging us so much for their hardware that costs slightly more than a PC, Just get one used!

  • irunnoft

    I don’t have three iPads for myself. One is mine. One is my wife’s and one belongs to my son. I was the guinnea pig for the family. I returned mine so we could see the results and whether or not the backlighting issue would be solved.

  • outfielddan

    I bought a new ipad on launch day, by waiting in line for three hours. There were no backlight problems, no problems whatsoever.

  • Biggerballz

    You’re an idiot or blind, fucking moron troll

  • Ugh

    Hey stupid fuck I bet you don’t even own an ipad2. Go kill yourself troll

  • Mendedeznoel20

    I have the same problem and it sucks. I don’t want to exchange it either since they are having supply issues. I guess I’ll live with it

  • Jman

    Its a DEFECT. You can buy defective devices and I’ll take the working ones. I’m one iPad number 5. This is bullshit.

  • Jake

    Other devices do not bleed like the ipad 2, if they are properly built. I ordered two ipads and one had large splotchy light bleeds while the other had smaller but very noticeable light bleeds. The screen doesn’t have to be completely black nor do you have to be in a dark area to notice. Using any app that has a dark screen, or when your watching movies, the experience is severely hampered by the fact there are light bleeds.

  • Jake

    Maybe yours isn’t as bad as others. Both ipad 2’s i bought have the issue, one is very noticeable, even in well lit rooms, while the other is less noticeable, but hey, I paid close to 2 grand for the ipads, applecare and accessories so there shouldn’t be lightbleeding.

  • Jake

    I bought 2 ipad 2s and both had backlight bleeding. One is much worse than the other but both are unacceptable. I contacted Applecare and they are overnighting me two new ones. All I have to do is mail the old one back in the Fed Ex package that the new one will arrive in. Great article, but I disagree with the author about waiting. The process to return is simple and you will never be without an ipad since you only return after you receive the replacement. If it takes several ipads than thats Apples problem.

  • Bill

    Here’s a solution to the back light bleeding problem, that i found improved the problem by 95%
    1st. Remove the Smart Cover- dont ask me why but it really helped, then turn down the brightness. Now when i watch videos & movies, i can hardly see any bleeding light. Also there is a new flash app & its free- called iswifter now i can see my favorite cbs.shows and anything else that requires flash, you can down load it from the app store. It is so much better than the sky fire app.

  • Ottodisc

    My Sony VAIO is perfect, also my Samsung TV and my LG cell phone. But of course, you can go on buying stuff from Apple spending thousands of dollars and pretending everything is ok.

  • Zebedee Craze-Howard

    I think you haven’t blown this out of proportion. Got my ipad 2 on uk launch (fri) noticed the screen bleed when at home in a dark room. Took it back to apple yesterday and got a replacement, i also asked the genious guy to check the new one in a dark room, came back and said it was better but still has the screen bleeds. I chose to take it. I agree that its a bit better but will be taking it back to the apple store in a month or so once they’ve sorted out the problem. I think this is much more wide spread than people think.

  • Eames

    We own the Ipad 1 and love it, no problems at all. I purchased the Ipad 2 the day it came out and it ran great, but had major light leek issues when watching movies.

    I just exchanged out the problem Ipad 2 at the Apple Store today 3/31 and they were very nice about it and exchanged it quickly. However, as soon as I got home and turned it on I noticed the light bleed was even worse than the original one I purchased. I immediately called Apple tech support to ask if should wait a few more weeks for a new batch to come in or try exchanging it again? The guy on the phone acted oblivious to the light leak issue and said no take it back asap because they might not accept exchanges in the future.

    I have an appointment to trade out again tomorrow afternoon. Ugggg wish me luck. I wish they would address the light leak issue openly. Extremely disappointed with Apple…

  • Allyn

    Uhmm. There is a definite issue here. I have exchanged 2 ipad2’s already. All three that have been in my possession have had serious backlight bleeding. Not like my 42′ LCD TV, not like my iPhone 4, not like my Macbook Pro, the bleeding is severe and very annoying. I have found more than one pixel that was not working on all three. I love this product but I am super dissapointed in the quality of the display…Going in for a 4th iPad 2 is unacceptable.

  • Eames

    Just exchanged out… 3rd Ipad 2 still has light leakage, but the lesser of the 2 evils so I guess I am going to keep it. Awesome product except for this issue, I seriously think every Ipad 2 manufactured thus far has this problem. My coworkers have the same issue and exchanged theirs out also. I hope this hits national news soon.

  • Troy Parry

    Most of you commenters are total tools.
    First of all, he’s not complaining about just his iPad 2 that has problems, it’s quite a large % of people that have the problem. That is really poor QoS by Apple, and i’m waiting for an official statement from Apple before I return mine. Mine is the same as the pic posted above.

  • Macguy59

    Here’s another reason not to send it in . . . they don’t have any replacements to send you. Per Apple customer service I sent my 16GB WiFi Ipad 2 into service (due to backlight bleed) on March 20. By March 22 my repair status said “Product replacement pending” and has continued to say that through today April 4th. Every call to customer support yields the same response “It’s scheduled to ship tomorrow”.

  • Chris Grossmeier

    Apple replaced mine with no issues. The new screen has no light issues. Details on my replacement can be read here: goo.gl/FoSsB

  • Macguy59

    Unfortunately the closest Apple store to me is 3 hours away so I had to UPS mine in.

  • Dane Wirtzfeld

    Found a good iPad 2 black screen image to use for bleed testing. http://www.flickr.com/photos/9

  • Willppsu

    I just got my iPad 2 in yesterday, and have the same problem in one corner of the screen. Do you think this is something they can fix with a patch or is it a hardware defect?

  • lp640

    I got my 3rd iPad 2 today (5th if you count the white one I had which was returned) all suffer from the light bleed, however the one I got today is the most shocking one I have received to date, all around even in the middle of the screen you can see it like wtf, and to top it off even the home key doesn’t work properly and their is a small scratch on the back near the text “iPad” and the plastic on the antenna is patchy.) looks like it’s been used lol, and just opened it in the store when I exchanged my 2nd iPad 2….if the 5th iPad 2 coming in a few wks has faults, I’m getting the 10.1 galaxy tab android tablet cause this is bullshit ! My first iPad 1 had no probs so don’t see why I gotta have a dud.

  • Joe

    fuzzy text on ipad2.. I want my Ipad1 back!!!

  • Unaffected

    Bought mine from Target a few days after the launch – perfectly fine, no bleed whatsoever…

  • SeizeCTRL

    Not noticeable? Have you watched anything that is letterboxed? I have about 7 little areas where the light bleeds through. I can’t help but to notice it.

    Maybe you got a lucky one with minimal issues, but there are some bad ones out there. I love the heck out of my iPad 2, but I expect much more on the quality side from an Apple product.

  • Free Byrd

    you wouldn’t know what brilliant was if it slapped you in your ignorant head

  • Gqsmooth1981

    Finally, someone with half a brain that is also sick about hearing people moan and groan about the fucking bleeding bleeding LCD. I bet 80% of the people bitching probably didn’t notice the bleeding issue until they googles ” iPad 2 issues,” I know because that is what I did. So people are bitching about the bleeding issue because it is so prominent when you sit in a pitch dark room and looking at a black screen. But really, how many people buy the iPad to sit in a dark room with the lights out and staring at the god damn screen??? For what the iPad is meant to do it does it and maybe more depending on how you look at it. I went to school for stats and Apple has sold over 40 million iPad 2’s and it has only been a month and a few days since it’s been out. Have you people actually consider that there is really no defect except for when you look for it. I think mine has a little bleeding but it’s only when I sit in the bathroom and staring at a black screen, otherwise I dont notice it and frankly I’m not going to go look for it because I didn’t buy the iPad 2 to be sitting in a pitch dark room with my finger up my arse looking at a black screen. If it’s that big of an issue why didnt your return it in the ” buyers remorse period?” if that was such a huge issue why do you put up with it, ESP when you’re on your 2nd one and it’s been out how long?

    Bottom line is if you look hard enough you will find defects of all kinds and I beat the ones bitching about it didn’t know it was an issue until they googled it. I am so sick of you people, probably the same group that is so bored and without life that sits there with s stop watch and try and make sure your iPad holds it’s charge for 10 hrs. Oh, nvrmd, keyword, up to 10 hrs…you people are blowing this way out of proportion it’s not even funny, it’s rather annoying.

  • Gqsmooth1981

    Perfect??? What in this world is “perfect?” what do you use to measure the state of perfection. No one held a damn gun up to your had and said ” you have to keep or else…”. If it’s such a nuisance then take it back and get your lousy $500 back rather then botching about it on here. I bet your probably didn’t even notice your iPad had a problem until you went and googled it. if you whine on here about something that costs $500, I wonder what you’re doing with your car, that is if you drive, ” oh well the dealer told me I would get up to 20 miles per gallon and told me it had wings if I shove my finger up my arse.” get a life.

  • J Capes

    Hi, first of all thanks for posting this. I got my iPad 2 and my first problem was that it had a scratch on the back of it. Even though it was a tiny hairline scratch I was sure I didn’t do this myself. Anyway. I took it back to the store and even though it was a tiny problem they were very helpful and replaced it for me. This one also had small scratches on it. Annoyed I took it back to another apple store. They said I could have a replacement and opened a new one in store for me to check. It also had scratches on the back !!! They opened another one and still the same problem !!! They said they couldn’t keep on opening them and said I could keep the best one even though there was a tiny scratch on it. I took that one to another London apple store straight after a bit annoyed and they opened two of these things brand new from the box and guess what the same problem!!! They offered me a refund and were brilliant and polite and helpful. However I decided to keep it and go home !!! Getting this new one home I discover it had a very small backlight bleeding problem which isn’t a big issue on my one however it’s quite annoying. I guess like a lot of people they are disappointed with apple. When buying an apple product and paying what is alot of money for most people they expect it to be perfect (out of the box at least) !!! I agree that the iPad 2 is the best tablet on the Market at the moment but apple need to be careful with keeping there products at the highest possible quality or they will slowly loose customers and popularity. I am however very happy with the iPad but when the next batch of them comes out (hopefully without problems) I will be in line to replace it for one with no defects.

  • J Capes

    I’m sure a lot of displays bleed from the backlight however a company like apple should be able to resolve this problem with all the research they put into the hardware and design of there products. People buy apple for the best possible experience.

  • Unctarheel531

    Thank you for posting this lol, I installed and took off the zagg screen protector ( which uses solution) and I was looking very carefully at my iPad to make sure there was no damage and I came upon this I only notice it on black screens, but you said u can send it into apple?

  • Isaac Prussey

    It really doesn’t. My new iPad 2 has lots of screen bleeding. When I compare it to my iPad 1 which has no noticeable screen bleeding… well I just feel like I spent money on a flawed device.

  • Isaac Prussey

    Especially when watching movies with netflix :(

  • Isaac Prussey

    I looked it up after comparing my old iPad to the iPad2. I had no bleeding with my iPad 1.

  • marcusc

    im on my 3rd one in 3 days- all have horrible backlight bleeding- not just one spot…im gonna wait it out just before my 14 exchange maybe theyll have a new shipment

  • Justin

    It is because all there stuff is made in some Chinese sweatshop when it should be made in either the U.S.A or Australia. They don’t care about quality and happy customers is only quantity and money. It is time Apple pulls its manufacturing facilities out of China or Taiwan and brings them back to America or move them to Australia (Where I live he-he) so that the products can be made under strict supervision to ensure quality control. My iPad is expected to arrive sometime around the 3rd of May and I pray that I do not suffer the same issues that others are experiencing. If I do happen to have issues I will be very much disappointed and I will probably never purchase another Apple product again. You do things right and you do it the first time.

  • Stick3x

    That does not work for photographers and graphic artists like myself. Thats why we pay more for Mac. Stop manufacturing cheaply or bring the price way down then. This is not acceptable.

  • Stick3x

    Yup, I was sold my ipad 1 which was flawless, I have light leaking all around the edges on my 32 GB ipad 2 and I waited over a month to get it. Also there are several video games that freeze and have strange anomalies that my first generation did not.

  • Stick3x

    I work for for and Apple reseller and noticed it right away before searching for posts. Mine is very bad. Right out the box all around the edges, not good.

  • Superf8

    just what is a matter with you? I’m not even sure what you are defending — shoddy workmanship? the apple brand? weird

  • appletard

    love the appletards defending apple. Apple can do no wrong, it must be the users! What a crock of shit.

  • Paul

    I’ve just returned my black 32gb wifi iPad 2 that had serious light leak. Received another that has slight light leak that I can live with. However I have a bright dot (about 4px in diameter) that I just can’t ignore. everyone I have spoke to that received one on launch have reported no problems, but people that ordered one a few weeks after launch like myself have all had screen problems.
    I’m sorry but the iPad is the most expensive tablet on the Market and apple make around 40% profit on each one sold. I don’t think people are freaking out over nothing, they are speaking up and letting everyone know they are not going to pay a premium price for a sub-standard product.

  • Francis

    My 64GB iPad 2 has ONE dead pixel in the upper left hand corner. It isn’t even a dead pixel because when I tilt the iPad, it goes away. It’s something between the glass and the LCD screen, possibly a spec of dirt. Other than that my 64GB iPad 2 is flawless and I love it :)

  • Ukinayo

    apple are made in pakistan; so what else is new. ASSHOLES

  • Jérome Villanueva

    White iPad2 32 GB WiFi only. No bleeding whatsoever. Extremely happy with it! :-D

  • Applecares?

    yeah what are you defending??? So if a compay puts out A BIG SIGN that says 10 HRS of battery life and it gives you 9.5, YOU wouldn’t be pissed??? Then Can I get you to give me a dollar and i’ll give you 75 cents. Umm Can I sell you something that I supposedly said will do but then it doesn’t do what I said…you would bitch too.. Yeah if you turn off 3g and this and turn this off… why don’t you just advertise that too..

  • Applecares?

    Can I sell you my car Because my car can shove fingers up your arse… Heres $500 dollars can I buy your life…???

  • Applecares?

    except that you had to wait in line just to spend some hundreds of dollars…that kinda is a problem…lol

  • Applecares?

    HAHAHAH You’re so funny… BRillant PRODUCT???? THATS HALARIOUS!!!?? Turn of the 3g and turn this off and that off to save battery… WHY THE HELL DID YOU EVEN MAKE IT THAT way if you have to turn shit off to save battery. Brillant would be if you didn’t have turn anything off and the battery would last two days while on the internet or watching a movie or listening to pandora. I LOve Apple products but brillant not always… once again give a dollar and I ‘ll give you back 75 cents …NO BIG DEAL its only a quarter not a big issue right??

  • Apple bites

    I called Applecare and the customer manager in Australia Ms Jennifer Faun asked me to send a photo of my IPad 2 Bleeding condition and then never came back to me. Did not even want to have anything to do with me. That is a Apple for you. Great services!

  • AppleOrCookie

    I didnt google this I notice this right away when I first bought it, Im a late nite internet surfer, I dont wanna waste a few buck for turning on my bedlight. Ipad 2 have a back light and it supose to help me in the dark, not bleed all over the screen. my Old ipad is much more better then this..  I pay good money for my Ipad2  and I demand a Good Product.. beside they didn’t tell me about this bleeding defect in their advertising did they?? So why Should I be happy with the Defect ?


    I’m awaiting my 5. iPad! Its so depressing! My iPhone? No light fuck leaks, nor does my laptop have any. Toyuwa is a crazy asshole! I’m got it up my ass hard everytime i unboxed one of those tablets! Where is my reach around Steve J? Where? Geee. Can I atleast have som coco now? Last chance Apple! Show me an ipad 2 or show me the MONNNNEY!

  • devsoft

     Based on your article, that mean within our warranty/apple care, as long as we within warranty period, we can request exchange for bleeding issue? even the ipad is engraved one? and if the answer is yes, then can we apply screen protecter to it? will it make our warranty invalid?

    pls respond. 

  • Mickbrucknerm

    Same problems!

  • Alexander530

    I kinda agree with you. I do notice some light leaking on a black screen, but of course it’s perfectly alright when I’m merely surfing the web. Luckily, the light bleed on my ipad2 is not that bad. I suggest that if the light bleed is tolerable, just keep it, unless of course the leak is really bad, then I would exchange it.

  • Corey Budwine

    So here is what happened to me.  I stood in line twice for three hours to get my ipad 2.  I started to notice the screen bleed just like the picture above.  I waited about two months and then took it back to get a new one.  the only problem was this one had even worse screen bleed so i took it back again.  Guess what my next one had worse bleed than the two before.  So I took it back yet again and talked with the manager.  to make things right he upgraded me from the 16gig to the 32gig free of charge and finally I have an ipad without any screen leakage.  I will say this for apple, they will do whatever it takes to make things right.  they pride themselves on customer service, so if you do have a problem do not be afraid to take it back.  granted some may not be as close to an apple store as myself.

  • Zen CL

    you should keep exchange for new one until Apple broke dumbass! 

  • Zen CL

    I see you’re definitely one of the big Apple fan that sit in front of your Macs all day long to protect Apple, way to suck Steve’s dic*. How much Steve pay you? or even if he knows your existence?

  • Zen CL

    Do you know what is consumer rights? Do you? 
    So you’re gonna stick with this defected ipad2 and pretend everything is fine or has already exchange for a new one after you posted this post? face the fact man! Apple screwed up, again! 

  • Dapino

    It is there in the small print. Bet you believed some tard at an apple store saying you can’t get a virus on a Mac too.

  • fishgen

    Hi Everyone, I made a tool for checking the light leak at the store. I also made a howto video page, so you can make it too: http://megmondja.hu/lightbleed take a look, and use it, the next time you go for a replacement…

  • Commonbullet

    Thank you for posting this. I was about to buy an iPad2; I guess I’ll wait until this issue is resolved – not only it’s hard to change or repair for Apple devices in my country, also they’re way more expensive than in USA. 
    I don’t think this backlight bleeding problem is acceptable; I don’t expect this from Apple.

  • Marc Y.

    Guys, I got a perfect reason why you should return it. But only if you have the problem I have. It’s crazy and annoying. It’s not bleeding as that is internal. I got an external defect? I don’t know what. What do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • Erik

    Dave how can apple do this to us!?! I bought a 64 gig iPad 2 . Not cheap !! This is my second ipad2. Did the original have similar issues ? Man I am losing confidence in apple …

  • Erik

    You have issues….. Try anger management .screens in any devise r not suppose to bleed.
    Relax chill out we will get to the bottom of it and have it fix for you.

  • Erik

    Oooooooosa !!!!

  • arbo

    this is called self-defense against own mistake spending a lot of money for over-rated apple products…

  • Heatherdove

    Uh-huh.  So it seems some people are ok with settling for subpar.  Well not me.  The first one I got had a lazy pixel.  Took it in and they exchanged it and the new one has a dead pixel.  They didn’t have anymore in stock so I’m waiting for the shipment to exchange it again.  And I will keep on exchanging until it’s right damn it.  This is what happens when s— is “made in China”.

  • Samuel Chua

    I had my iPad 2 few days back and yes it does have bleeding issues (serial: DLFXQ)  and 2 other big problems. 

    The home button is darn unresponsive (sometimes i really need to use a significant amount of pressure in order for it to register) and the aluminium back of the ipad seem to emit current (might be a poor grounding issue) when i connect it to the DC for charging.

    I am still thinking if i should return it but if i do, i’d have to wait for another 2-3 weeks for the stock to arrive. :(

  • roialblue

    remember, you are buying a premium product that is marketed as premium quality compared to everything else. You are also paying a premium price for that product. why would anyone make it easy for apple to take their hard earned money and deliver a product that is not floor-less. Apple, knows about pre production problems but I guarantee you that they also know how many people will actually return a product. They are projecting (through there statistical analysis and cost benefit modelling) that its cheaper to release a product than stop production ( remember halting production is a no no, just look at what they did with the iphone 4 bumper covers and death grip). I know this industry very well :)

  • DiveQueen47

    Does any one have problems with the screen on the iPad 2 going black in the video App? This is the second time I have experience this problem and right in the middle of a good movie.

  • Joey Christo

    Hi there about exchanging the iPad 2 for a replacement bout the screen bleed. Lets just say I bought it in a dealer shop like Harvey Norman. Possible I could walk into an Apple store for the 1 to 1 exchange? Instead going back to Harvey Norman? Because Harvey Norman will be taking some time to exchange.

  • Gg touitou

    Do u have like magnetic hands or smthin ??

  • AnonymousGuy123

    delete this one plz, dbl post, I don’t mind if you flag it. (for being inappropriately unnecessary.)

  • AnonymousGuy123

    This might be redundant(didn’t read comments) but it’s right anyway.

    You guys should look up your local consumer protection laws and get a refund and wait for the next ipad. Make them stand by their product and give them the message that this is not acceptable. (your ipad 2 will probably get refurbed with a 50 dollar screen? and put back on sale in the discount section of http://store.apple.com/us/brow… so they don’t really lose that much on THEIR mistake.) Hopefully, Apple has consumer protection as well since their supplier clearly gave them defective parts.

    I just recently had to return a defective $25 Bicycle light (cheap plastic mount teeth on light broke on first mount) so I did some research and my local consumer laws say for defective items, customers are allowed full refunds. (Only if we refuse deals like your free smart cover, exchange or any deals like store credits and repair).

    I was going to just shrug it off as a loss since I thought I would be screwed with an exchange for an equally defective product. I was just going to walk away and tell the truth that it broke during mounting but then the csr gave me a refund and after some research it seems I was entitled.

    Had I known about this, I would have asked for my full money back on one of those sony sxrd 60 inch bravias (around 3500 dollars, it was defective and there was a class action suit but I missed the deadline). Sony did offer discounts on new lcd screens at the time, (you are suppose to refuse it).

    Now for bleeding, I picked up a crappy LCD monitor (from garbage ) and I see what you guys mean, uneven colours cuz of light but my cheap passable $599 Acer laptop has no such thing (bleeding).

    For high end Apple, all nice and fancy, and known for quality, I don’t think this is acceptable and I hope you guys send them the right message and get some quality customer service.

  • AnonymousGuy123

    I think the last ipad, iphone, ipod was made in China too. It’s a quality control problem, not a China problem.  My shoes are even made in China, They don’t fall apart. I wouldn’t mind if there weren’t as much outsourcing though. Most Apple or quality parts (like high end computer motherboards) are made in Taiwan, which is a part of China.

  • members

    Same here, i purchased my 1st ipad 2 from Currys, i found mine had bad screen bleed, i then took it back and bought one from Apple, even worse screen bleed and scratches on the metal back, i bought a 3rd from western computers, minor screen bleed – i waited 3 months and bought a 4th, i still had screen bleed, but not a problem, However this 4th ipad 2 is still going back, not just becuase of its bleeding issues but beacuse the glass screen/digitizer is not set correctly into the ipad housing, its glued in on one side with a gap around its very edge, the otherside is raised out of its housing and will even lift..
     Come on Apple.. whats going on here?


    I would also like to add, I love Apple products, i love the battery life of the ipad and ipad 2, i have owned 2 x previous Ipad 1’s, i have made modifications over the years starting from the iphone 3g right up to ipad 2, thats around 40 x iDevices, and i can say ONLY the ipad 2 has this bleed, further more for those comments below “who uses an ipad in the dark” well if you have small rented accomodationan and would like to watch a movie in bed (i do), the ipad is perfect for this, no holes to drill, just a small ipad stand: perfect.. but not with a big white shadow hanging down one side of the screen. I’m sorry i could always buy a tv, but at £499.00 for the 16gb 3G, why shouldnt, i be able to do that?
    ( i use steamtome to watch my own movies, TV cant do that… )

  • Jean Purcell

    Just got a new iPAD2 and there is nothing on the screen but an icon for loading iTunes. Am I supposed to download programs from my laptop to get started, or what?  

  • Matt Raging Semi Bagshaw

    SOGA Peeps, you have up to 6 years warranty. As long as its not your own stupid fault.
    Which it isn’t.

  • Adedayoaremu

    I bought my ipad2 in London in April 2011 and was able to use it for two months and since the first week of July till date I’ve not had my wi-fi connected cos the ipad was always displaying “NO WI-FI” up until now. My question is, what should I do to resolve this hitch?

  • Help4reading

    Wow! I mustvbe lucky. I got mine in April. It is far and above anything I hoped for. IBooks, pages and Keynote are the programs I use the most. Games also help to pass the time while waiting for appointments.

    It’s awesome. I just happened upon this site while trying to figure out how to turn it into an external display for my MacBook Pro.


  • Jake

    so far it seems the refurbished iPad 2 is doing well, even if the price discount is not a lot.

  • Guest

    Don’t use your smart cover for a while; see if it goes away.

    True story bro.

  • Usheretti

    You have to sinc it with your computer through Itunes to get it started.

  • Paula_lanham

    Oct. 26, 2011
    I have what you have.  The screen goes DIM and FREEZES (LOCKS UP) repeatedly.
    I am really disappointed.
    Paula Lanham

  • Sameckel

    That happens on my iPod touch. You just have to close out or search for your desired video in search bar

  • Sameckel

    Apple is fabulas. Ur making it sound like Tlingit and there phone service. Sure. There are a few problems but hey,, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. No matter what there are going to be problems. Happens with every device

  • Pamela Lucas

    guys plz help why does my all game apps doest working i hve a pending uninstalled game last night it  appearsed as black icon is anyone knows how to fix this

  • YakimaJim

    Pick up Ipad 2 on 1-14-12 and returned it on 1-20-12 because it would always go back to the app page from most pages I would open.   A friend back east had the same problem while we were comparing notes on our Ipads…. He shut his down completely and restarted it.  That seemed to clear the returning to the app page issue, at least for the moment.  We’ll see if that corrects the problem.  I agree that just returning them, one after the other, to the store for a replacement isn’t the answer to this problem.

  • Asereht E. Allinitnev

    hey i’m having a problem with my ipad 2 right no.no display on screen just a backlight i tried to restart my ipad yung menu button and on/off button when i turn on my ipad no display..how should I fix this problem???

  • mac_ben

    Hi guys,
    i have a question , i have a ipad 2 and i found something quite strange on it, when i open the smart cover at first whole screen is getting bright then the screen turn to be dark, and when i touch the screen it again gets bright. and i have no other problem with it up to now, but this just makes bad feeling on me.
    can you please help me in this case??

  • Pomme

    I bought an Ipad2 almost a year ago. Tomorrow I am getting my 5th Ipad due to malfunctions

  • bev

    my iPad has a red screen when I turn it on. how do I fix it?

  • Ivan Hernandez

    I think you should replace you investment asap. Every ipad you get opened, it represent apple’s loss, and pressure to rush the fix…