Yellow Tint Redux My iPad 2 Backlight Is Bleeding [Updated]



It looks as though early iPad 2 adopters are being hit by a previous problem with Apple displays on the iPhone 4  that had yellow tinting appearing on the LCD or backlight bleed through.

These problems are being reported on various news sites and I’ve experienced one of them myself. My own iPad 2 Wi-Fi-3G 64GB AT&T model is displaying some LCD anomalies on the portion of the display closest to the Home button.

The yellow tinting issue is reminiscent of the factory fresh iPhone 4 problem which usually resolved itself after the bonding agent used during manufacturing on the LCD glass had time to evaporate.

The backlight bleed through problem is more evident when viewing a dark scene in a video or basically any circumstances where the screen is noticeably dark (i.e. black). Some users have found that adjusting the brightness level might help.

I purchased AppleCare with my iPad 2 so I’m not overly concerned about getting this fixed eventually. I’m also going to wait at least a week to see if the problem disappears since mine appears to have  yellow tint where the anomaly appears.

You can see more reports at Engadget 9to5Mac, and a video about the problem after the read more link below.

As I said earlier my iPad 2 displays the anomaly by the Home button exactly like in the video above and ironically within two of the un-boxing photos I took yesterday (see above and below).

Is your iPad 2 suffering from any video anomalies or other problems? Tell us about it by leaving a comment.

Updated: March 13, 2011 at 12:30 PDT – It appears that the screen problem is fairly widespread with more reports showing up.

Scott at left a comment on this post about his observations about the screen problem with some examples on his own website. There are also people complaining about this issue on internet forums at MacRumors.

There are also discussions regarding the problem on Apple’s own forums Screen bleeding bad on black 16gb WlFIAnybody have a bleeding iPad screen?, and Significant light leakage, few light botches on sides/corners – defective? .

Apple’s media contact has been contacted via e-mail and asked to comment on this issue. I’ll post a reply if I get one.

  • Steven Chaffer

    I have the exact same issue in the exact same location.

  • tavella

    I also have a 64GB AT&T in black which also has the light bleed. Not too concerned with it. No yellow though.

  • Matt Harris

    Glad I didn’t get one then.

  • Usar2139

    The light is bleeding through on the top right of mine

  • Ghstslpzz

    obviously the only lighting that bleeds through is side lit not back lit some one needs to learn their technology

  • Fang

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  • Grossgreg

    Same here. Exact same bleed in the exact same location. And several dead pixels to boot. I’ve always been happy with Apple’s customer service, though, so I’m not too worried.

  • Lamme

    Damn I would have never known.. But I do now and that’s lame!!

  • Egrey

    Mine has the same issue in the same spot. Looks to be common?

  • Beast_m

    made in china

  • Clydeskid

    Apple products can bleed blood and Apple won’t admit to it. Not usually until there’s a class actions lawsuit.

  • Simone

    Nope, no problem whatsoever with 4 iPads in my family. None of my friends have any problem. I must say it’s either an isolated issue or made-up bs by haters and bashers.

  • pcow


    The new iPad already has a jailbreak available, that Apple is actually ok with. They just published a new mirror site so everyone can easily get into the automated service:

    Now you can basically do everything and anything with it. It’s the best product on the market.

  • AlaskaAce

    Just got my 64GB iPad 2. No light problem on mine.

  • CG

    Same issue here.

  • Verkonika

    Nope. I got the 64Gb WiFi and no problem with light bleeding.

  • Muddybulldog

    My 64GB VZ has it as well but not as pronounced. I noticed it when I first synced but haven’t in real life use since. I just rechecked and it is still there 36 hours later.

    I had the same issue last year with a 32GB ATT on launch day that was very noticeable. Apple swapped it out no problem. Since Apple keeps separate supply chains for repair vs retail I was able to swap it at the store the next day despite the fact you couldn’t actually buy one for weeks so I’m not particularly concerned.

    Not an Apple hater, just telling it like it is. I now own three iPad and three iPad 2 for the family and have seen the issue on two units total (including the swapped one).

  • Muddybulldog

    It’s light bleeding from the side of the unit being created by the backlight, hence it’s “backlight bleed”. The adjective is based on the source of the light, not the location it emanates from.

  • Jhamct

    You’re looking at it wrong.

  • Mcelmmp

    Right, this is made-up by a conspiracy of haters. Early adopters are simply field testers for Apple, which is why you should always wait about 6 months after a new Apple product before purchase.

  • Budmann

    I got the same problem. Went back to the apple store last night and they looked at it and said it looks like the same problem as they had with the iPhone 4 so they told me it would disappear after a few days. So I am going to wait and hope for the best. And if it doesn’t I will return it before the 14 day period is up and get a refund and stick with my original iPad till they resolve the problem. But I hope it docent come to that
    – Mike P

  • Scott

    Same issues. I’ve documented my problems here along with full-size images:

  • Jonvivas

    Mines had it when I bought it on Friday but since it seams like it is starting to go away. Not as bad as before

  • Lampin

    I am with you Simone, no problem with my 2 iPads. Btw, Martin, care to post your receipt as proof of your purchase. Not buying your bogus story and doctored photoshop image.

  • DavidWMartin

    You guys are just sad. There’s no conspiracy here. I don’t hate Apple, but I do hold them accountable for the things I buy. I think that is fair.

  • Finderwindow

    @ Lampin;

    Are you and Simone serious? Dude, I have a 2010 Mac Pro with TWO 512 ssd’s, a 2010 27″ Apple display, a 2011 2.3 quad core AND 512 SSD, 2 iPods, and we both (Wife) have iPhone 4’s. We have an Apple TV, and Airport extreme, and an airport express. I am the MOST INTENSE supporter of Apple you will ever meet. YET, this issue DOES exist.

    Your thoughtless, unfounded comments are pure bullshit. You need to get a grip and take off your pathetic blinders!!!

  • Finderwindow

    And 10,000 other people (and growing) are all delusional too right? You made yourselves look like a couple of gutter trolls.

  • Jdbelcher

    Out of the two we bought, one of them has the issue. It’s a black 32GB wifi only model. It’s also a yellow tint and only noticeable when the screen is displaying something black or very dark. Hopefully it will fix over time. Not a big deal though.

  • CharliK

    It is likely not haters etc.

    But it likely is not the major deal that the various sites will make out. They will make it sound like it is 99% of units and a ‘major design issue’ when the truth is that it is probably more like maybe 2% of the total units. Just like maybe 1% of US iPhone users actually had a bad phone during antenna gate.

  • CharliK

    Not delusional, just possibly not the major issue that it sounds like. Estimates are that one million iPads have been sold so far. Even if we assume that that 10k is an accurate count and includes no dupes from other sites that is less than one percent of the units out there. Not a major design flaw if over 99% of units don’t have the issue. Even a full 1% isn’t a design flaw.

    But a lot of the sites will make it sound like it is.

  • Finderwindow

    That makes more sense than completely denying the problem exists for others. Thanks for pointing that out. Well said.

  • Ranosin

    @Finderwindow, they are just asking for some proof from the author, who claims to have both problems with his one device. You sounds like a bullshiter and dumb fuck, who believes everything you read.

  • Showit


    Agree. It doesn’t hurt to see some proof beyond his claim of the problems. I do remember the haters and bashers who came out in droves to pile on with their bogus posts to make a common issue with all cell phones to be a serious design flaw with iPhone 4.

    Martin, show your receipt if you have nothing to hide.

  • Finderwindow

    I “sounds” like a bullshitter?? Aaa, no skippy. It’s you my man who sounds quite un-educated. By the way, my iPad, for which I stood in line for 7.5 hours for has the exact same issue in the exact same spot. I happen to disagree with this author on many things, not this. Do some research Mr Skippy.
    I happen to own everything mentioned in my post regardless of your ignorance. Enjoy your Sunday.

  • CharliK

    Former Debate Club Geek.

    add that to the Computer Club Geek (co-president even) and yes I spent some time in my locker in high school. Good thing I’m an ectomorph. And a flexible one at that

  • CharliK

    A receipt proves nothing. Other than that it was bought and perhaps not a review copy sent by Apple to a major Mac site.
    but just because it is a review unit doesn’t mean it can’t have problems.

    Now allegedly you can tell the build batch from the serial number. If someone knew exactly what part of the number tells you that, I would be curious to see the batch for all the affected units. I suspect that they would be all in the same batch or maybe two and they were very late ones (straight to the truck basically). So perhaps the reason why those units are showing the “problem” with the glue at least is because they didn’t sit in a warehouse somewhere for a few days before going to the stores. Maybe the bleeding is showing in some of the same units because the lack of sitting means that there could have been a temp change before the glue was 100% set and it pulled apart just a little in the box during shipping.

  • CharliK

    That’s not entirely true. Sometimes they don’t admit to a problem because they haven’t nailed down exactly what it is. When they have it figured out then they talk. Or they just release the fix which is an admission of a problem combined with the solution.
    it all just depends on the exact situation.

  • Ranosin

    Right, and we are supposed to take your word for it. Only a dumb fuck would go out of his way to try to show everyone he is unbiased on the internet while hiding behind a moniker.

  • greg

    That is not back light bleed. We call it iShadow.

  • Finderwindow

    Don’t take my word for it.

    Ta Ta

  • Steven Chaffer

    @ finderwindow

    It sounds like Ranosin is just trying to get under your skin. I have the light bleed as well and my mom. I have many Apple products as well as a big Apple fan. Just ignore Ranosin.

  • DavidWMartin

    Ranosin…I don’t need to show a receipt. What’s the point anyhow? I purchased my iPad 2 on Friday after standing in line all afternoon and into the early evening. I even posted a story about that. Are you saying I got a free one? hahahahaha get serious. Everyone knows only “special” people Apple favors get that kind of perk.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Since Mr David Martin is to polite an individual to say it I’m going to say it for him. This is directed at ONLY THE PEOPLE browbeating Martin concerning his article about backlight bleed.

    You can all take your stupid comments shove it up your asses and go fuck yourselves.

    A regular writer who usually praises Apple products for a site called COM is not an Apple hater just because he/she actually had the brains to actually say they received an Apple product that had a manufacturing problem with it. Products with manufacturing blemishes are a fact of life. Just because it has a picture of an apple on the the stupid thing doesn’t mean every product sold will be 100% in full working order. Bad apples (pun intended) will be shipped out to the consumer because the simple fact is quality control can only do so much when we’re talking mass marketed products. Your stupid Apple can absolutely do no wrong attitudes only proves to the world that you all are a bunch of brainless dolts.

    Next time you guys decide to post something on here do yourselves a favor save some time and just post the word BAHHHHH. Stupid bunch of iSheep.

  • Eddiem1205

    I have the same issue with my iPad 2 as well. I also own a 1st gen iPad and it does exhibit any screen bleed. I took my iPad 2 unit (16gb, black) back to the Apple store today, and was told by the tech support gal that this was expected and is due the yellow adhesive used to adhere the screen and should dissipate over the next few days. I don’t buy it…issue is the same today as yesterday, with no noticeable improvement. It looks like the iPad 2’s awfully planned/executed launch and supply issues has been coupled with very poor quality control. Launch issue aside, I would have expected superb quality from Apple, which is why I’m a repeat customer…guess I need to think again. This baby’s going back by end-of-week if it does go away. Shame on you Apple!!!!!

  • Eddiem1205

    Correction…my first generation iPad shows no screen bleed at all. This issue is not isolated and impacts every model produced, no matter the color. I’m reading reports from accross the country. If it doesn’t improve as promised by Apple support, I’m bringing it back. To the profane commentor below…fuck u Apple sycophant.

  • Finderwidow

    Couldn’t have said it better!!!!

  • Anon

    My white 16gb wifi shows the same issue, will be returning…

  • Eric “dolt” S.

    @ihate… So next time you go buy a car, don’t test drive it. Ok well say you do, but don’t worry that the passenger wiper doesn’t work, cause there’s no obligation for it too and you making a comment makes you a mindless dolt. Thanks for the kind words… Dick.

  • Giovanni Bianchi

    For that matter, my iPad 1 bought on day 1 last year has the exact same issue in the exact same spot!
    Guess some things never change…

  • Commission Crusher

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  • Felipe Castillo

    well this is why i wait it out(refering to apple products) although its problem an awesome feeling to have an apple product before every one else. Like im getting the ipad 2 in june.

  • pcow


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  • iHate_Is_Back

    Exactly what part of this conversation don’t you understand dumbass? Martin originally posted his brand new iPad a couple of days ago and someone commented the original pics looked like there was some backlight bleed. Martin then later commented with another article that his new iPad indeed did have backlight bleed and there were also other people on the crApple forums who also had the same problem. Upon him posting his article some pea brains then accused him of lying about the issue and then said there was no problem. I then slapped these ignorant fools down for being ignorant iSheep and acting like a bunch of 5 year old spoiled bastard kids. The post I made about it is quite straight forward and written in simple English so I really don’t understand what your stupidly worded post is going on about. It’s obvious a few bad products got out of the Foxxconn sweatshop and are out in the wild. It’s a fact of life that a bad unit will make it to the shelves no matter how good or bad someones quality control may be. If you can’t get the simple idea that just because something has an Apple insignia on it doesn’t mean it’s infallible then your ignorance is your problem and not anyone else’s. If you can’t read simple English to understand my post then you’re even more stupid then I originally thought. Now go away and stop showing the world just how stupid you are with your dumb posts. Be a good little iSheep and go quietly chew your cud in the corner.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Having fun sucking his dick?

  • DavidWMartin

    Folks just a heads up, but I just deleted a comment that was not only extremely rude, but well beyond good behavior. We’ve had complaints about these kinds of comments and if it doesn’t stop we’ll have to start blocking e-mail and IP addresses of users that are abusive.

  • Beaning


  • iHate_Is_Back

    You’re obviously talking about that one comment I mistakenly made towards Finderwindow. My apologies towards Finderwindow I misread one of his comments out of order and jumped the gun. He was actually agreeing with me and not the other way around. That being said I will try to better censor my language. In hindsight there are probably enough younger users who come on here and they as well as others don’t need to be seeing some of my more colorful comments. I found your article with some merit and didn’t like the way some of these users were jumping all over you and reacted accordingly. Of coarse I’m sure you’re more then capable of defending yourself but I do find some of the attitudes of some people on here less then enlightening and even sometimes bordering on, for a lack of a better word, delusional. The thing is I just can’t stand seeing other people being crapped on especially when it concerns things like the Foxxconn issue.

    You see Mr. Martin it was the comments from various Foxxconn articles on here that made me finally create a handle and get involved. Many may think me a troll but the complete truth is I’m far from a troll. Yes I have been quite ignorant towards certain people on here but if you check all my comments on COM I never slap out at someone unless they’re behaving out of line. What do I mean by behaving out of line? Let’s just say my general feeling is that human decency requires or rather put more frankly demands that people no matter what their background, ethnicity, or financial worth should all be treated with a certain amount of respect. I especially expect that respect be given when open discussion is breached concerning poor people who are stuck in a system that’s geared only to chain them to an assembly line while a brutal govt lives high off the hog from their sweat. When that amount of respect isn’t given it only serves to infuriate me because put very frankly I find it a very arrogant and evil attitude to have. It’s rather incredible how the anonymity of the web serves to show what some people are really like inside. It’s also rather depressing to see how jaded some people have become and how they choose to ignore the suffering of their fellow man for the sake of cheap toys.

    Your point has been made and I will try, and I emphasize the word TRY, to better express myself without flying off the deep end. I am trying to be the bigger man and am admitting to going to far. I would hope you and others on here would also be bigger men/women and accept my apology. Please get back to me and let me know your feelings on my current comment.




    People people people… Why does everyone get so pissed off when Apple releases a new product?.. If you don’t like something… Do what I do… Don’t pay attention to it! If you say you hate something and you pay more attention to it than anything else then you’re an idiot.

    Aside from that I have been an Apple user for a while now and I love everything that I own… With that being said, I also admit when something is wrong with my device to let others know. I’m having the same issues with my iPad 2… Still love it and it doesn’t matter until it’s a pitch black screen.

    If you don’t like Apple that’s fine… But just shut up about stupid crap you shouldn’t care about. I don’t bitch about Honda of they have a recall because I drive a Toyota. The same goes for people using Android devices… I work as a tech that specializes in mobile devices… I have to do factory resets on Android devices all the time due to it’s craptastic OS… But you also don’t hear me bitching about any of it’s short comings in Android blogs… Because I DON’T READ THEM!

    I’m glad there are many different types of devices and OS formats. It takes competition to run the world. But if you don’t use or like something… Keep it to yourself unless you’re going to give a legitimately viable opinion. Keep it real peeps!

  • Chris

    I have this problem, 3 hours in line. Argh. Just near the home button!

  • Adam Stocker

    I am a loyal apple fan but the term loyal is at its wits end with myself and Apple. I have just had to send back my third iPad 2 with massive backlight bleeding. Today I received my (no joke) 8th swapped out Macbook Pro as the first 7 were faulty with battery, logic board, memory, HD and screen problems. Received it and its filthy, covered in dust and even the manuals are ripped and scuffed where they have poorly handled the RAM upgrade in the factory, its being sent back. Furthermore, the third iPhone 4 I have had screwed up today with the iPod crashing constatly and getting stuck on songs and freezing up even after two reinstalls.

    Ive had enough. Great ideas company – simply the most diabolical quality control in the industry.

  • GINO

    Bought ipad2 32gb wifi white on march 25th at future shop and it also suffers from the light bleeding. Much worse then the one shown above. Future shop just brushes the issue off. Going to try Apple see if they can address it. Great product, but no one has 100% QC ! If that were the case we’d all be paying double the price.

  • Ash

    My ipad2 light leakage is pretty serious, along the edges of the screen and particularly serious at two corners. My local Apple reseller is currently not replacing it as they claimed that Apple said it’s not a manufacturing defect. However they would bring this matter up to Apple. Slim chance that they will replace mine. Guess I’ll just have to live with it.
    There r people calling me idiot for making such a big fuss over it as someone claimed it would disappear after some time and another claimed it is not a problem at all cause we ain’t gonna use t in dark places all the time.
    My point is, the quality has been compromised and I have every right to fight for a better or satisfactory experience with things I bought.
    By the way David W. Martin, do you manage to get a reply from Apple?

  • Antoine

    Received today same problem. Exchanged for new one today in apple store. The new has same problem

  • Englewoodtony

    Just got mine today and the problem is unacceptable.