iFixit iPad 2 Teardown Reveals Big Battery, Tiny Logicboard



Remember when logicboards were one of the biggest components of a computer? Not any more.

An iFixit teardown of the iPad 2 reveals a logicboard the size of a couple of matchbooks. By contrast, the three batteries consume almost all the interior space.

The teardown is being published live on the iFixit site.

The iPad 2 isn’t easy to open, iFixit says: it’s sealed with a ton of glue.

Here’s a couple more shots of the internals:

iFixit: And just like that, it’s open. No clips, just tons of glue. As much as we hated trying to remove the clips in the original iPad, this much adhesive is even more of a pain. Be ready to crack your front panel if you dare open it! We’ll be investigating the best way to get inside over the next few weeks.

iFixit: “Lifting off the LCD exposes iPad 2’s battery. This is a 3.8V, 25 watt-hour unit. That’s just a hair more than the original iPad’s 24.8 watt-hours, so any improved battery performance can be attributed to software and other hardware improvements.”

  • Carlos Francisco Suarez Doriga

    What about the RAM?
    Leander, red your book, amazing!!!!
    BTW, still having problems with google search engine new configuration?

  • Jeff DeWolfe

    Supposedly it has a Broadcom BCM43291HKUBC chip in it which has an FM tuner on it. Does this mean we can listen to FM radio on the iPad?

  • poppa1138

    the logic board should be small,surely it’s more a over sized ipod touch,

  • Growfrum

    I can’t imagine how hard that was to tear apart. I would be heartbroken trying to pry open my iPad. If I had one :'(

  • Choozy

    According to iFixit the iPad 2 has 512 MB RAM.

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