Apple’s New HDMI Adapter Also Works With iPods and iPhones


Apple HDMI Adapter in iPad 2

A new Apple HDMI adapter announced at the iPad 2 keynote earlier today was accompanied by a slide of the accessory hooked up to the second-generation device, however, Steve forgot to mention that it would also be compatible with the iPhone 4, the fourth-generation iPod touch, and the original iPad.

Unfortunately, movies and slideshows will be capped at 720p on these devices as opposed to the 1080p output that the iPad 2 can throw out. We’re assuming this is the difference between Apple’s A4 and A5 chips.

The ‘Apple Digital AV Adapter‘ is priced at $39 and is expected to ship later this month. If you head on over to the Apple Store you’ll notice the full list of supported devices within the product’s description.

  • Be

    Oh and Steve forgot to mention that Mirroring is ONLY supported by the iPad 2…FAIL!!!
    I wonder why!?! Jailbreakers can do via DisplayOut so it shouldn’t be a problem!

  • Don Trenton

    So …. can I hook up the ‘ol iPhone 4 to the telly and stream Netflix? If yes – dammit meester jobs! You’ve just got another 39 from mwah.

  • Giovanni Bianchi

    I’m going to buy it anyway, but I’d prefer it to be a single piece à-la-Camera Connector, instead of a pigtail. It seems less tidy.

  • rfmansfield

    Do we know whether or not mirroring is limited to the iPad 2? Could it be that this capability is included in the iOS 4.3 update?

  • David Quiroz

    FYI, just because the iPad2 can “output” 1080p video using this adapter does’t mean it can playback 1080p formatted video. Check out the specs under “TV and Video,” the third bullet Video formats supported it says the max is 720p.

  • yags

    What about showing a keynote presentation on the original iPad. Is that considered mirroring or will it work with the new adapter?

  • Mr Castillo

    Sad. I am not even a tech guru but I figured out that mirroring will not only work on iPad 1, iPhone 4, etc… but it will work with the VGA, composite, and component video cables. Video mirroring is a feature of iOS 4.3… man I am good.

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    nice thing by apple

  • Scott

    could i do netflix from my ipod touch to tv with this adapter or no? Anyone? :)

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  • JesusChryslers

    we were able to stream netflix through a composite A/V adapter so I’d assume HDMI would be able to, also.

  • Colin – Apple Professional

    Yah I bought one and it works for iPhones, iTouches and iPads. unfortunately Mirroring is a fail as it only works with the latest iPad 2. However with smaller and older devices you can still play videos from various applications and what not. Youtube, Self recorded videos, Netflix, etc.