Steve Wozniak Urges Tim Cook To See Play About Foxconn Factories



The New York Times‘ Bay Citizen website has published more remarks from Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak on the subject of Mike Daisey’s controversial one man show.

As previously reported, Woz was moved to tears by “The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,” a monologue about Apple and Foxconn, the company’s largest supplier in Asia that saw a rash of worker suicides last year.

Wozniak says he found the play deeply upsetting. He urges Tim Cook, Apple’s COO and current acting CEO, to go see the one-man show besucase the issues it discusses could hurt Apple financially in the future:

Tim should know about this very soon, so that he knows what’s in more and more people’s heads. The emotions and understanding and moral feelings that Mike brings out are very strong and could be a threat to Apple’s future, even though they are only simmering now.

The Bay Citizen: Apple Co-Founder Responds to ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs’

  • Christopher Vaccaro

    Has anyone noticed Wired Magazines cover?

  • Tom

    anyone notice how woz’s comments could sound like Steve Jobs is already gone? Kinda eery, sad…

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Way a go Woz. If anyone can make the Apple higher ups take notice its you.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    You think he knows something we don’t?

  • Bob Forsberg

    Someone please keep the WOZ away from the Apple campus.

    Shopping at my local supermarket, I have no more say in the hourly wage or working conditions of the cashiers than does Donald Duck… more than Apple does at Foxcon. It none of our business and we need to stay out of other peoples affairs.

  • Darmadi Satai


  • Daibidh

    The suicide rate at Foxconn is lower than ALL 50 United States. Wyoming has a rate 4 times as high… WYOMING! New York is double and California nearly so. Even within China, the suicide rate at Foxconn is much lower than their national average. Not to trivialize human suffering but the media is doing a great disservice by misrepresenting and confusing the issues. It makes any rational dialog impossible.

    Mr. Wozniak is obviously a very compassionate human being and I agree with him. Right or wrong, this is a brewing PR storm than needs to be addressed before public ignorance and apathy get out of hand.

  • Alladdinn

    Doesn’t Steve Wozniak ever do anything privately? Or is it always on a public platform.

  • freerange

    Thank you for helping put this in perspective. I’m an American living in China and know first hand that this story is grossly exaggerated. Mike Daisy is an opportunist who has taken a handful of disgruntled workers and attempted to paint an entire nation in a horrible light. A nation and a people that have struggled through great obstacles. A people that have rise from the ashes of the devastation of the cultural revolution and the horrible tragedy of the great famine of the 1950’s when 10’s of millions died. It undermines the progress made by a determined people since the opening up of China. And it is the arrogance of a pampered culture that has no clue what goes on in the rest of the world that is crying foul. China is going through the same growing pains that our nation went through in our own industrial revolution. But one need realize that China is still a nation of nearly 800 million peasant farmers, and these factory workers are by and large happy to have these jobs. The Foxconn factories in question are modern facilities and employ hundreds of thousands of workers in just one location – it is a midsize US city. The workers in question are provided lodging, meals, recreation facilities, health insurance and a living wage. These workers are still able to save and send money home to their families to help improve their lives. Yes the jobs may be hard and the hours long, and they may be separated from their families and friends, but progress has been, and continues to be made rapidly in this country. We need to quit trying to judge other countries through our own rose colored glasses without real understanding of the people, their culture, the real economic situation, where they have come from and where they are going. Aren’t there enough problems in the US that need to be fixed that maybe we should be looking inward instead of outward?

  • estragon_nyc

    “Mike Daisy is an opportunist who has taken a handful of disgruntled workers and attempted to paint an entire nation in a horrible light.”

    Have you actually seen the play, then? I haven’t, so I can’t make any sweeping statements about what he says or doesn’t say. If you’ve genuinely seen the play for yourself, and aren’t simply voicing a knee-jerk reaction to what you think he must be saying based on the subject matter alone, then by all means let’s have your review.

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  • Greg

    yea after he left apple he actually was a fifth grade teacher for a number of years and stayed out of the media

  • Bob Forsberg

    Media always misrepresents and confuses issues to make a story something other than what it is. Knowing that, its understandable why the general population trust the media at the same level of trust as politicians and lawyers.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    estragon don’t bother with freerange. The dude is a fascist and a waste of time. The only person he probably gives a damn about in this world is himself and the only thing he cares about is whatever money he can screw from others. Just leave the greedy little idiot be and maybe he will finally go away.

  • Eyal Meshulam

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  • iHate_Is_Back

    If it’s such a great place to work go get a job there assembling electronics you dumb asshole.