Satisfy Your Inner Hipster with the Urbanears Plattan Headphones [Unboxing,Review]



In a day and age when every pair of headphones looks just as utilitarian as every other, I was surprised when I ran past the Urbanears booth at CES 2011 and was stopped by what I saw: understated; beautifully crafted; no-design-detail-missed; headphones. Surely they didn’t have the audacity to sound good too…

I’ve been reviewing the Urbanears Plattan headphones for 4-5 weeks now. Why test them for so long? I was positive the spectacular design I was seeing was a cover for the tepid audio quality they must produce. There was just no way they were going too look as good as they do and sound great too. So I decided to take the Plattan’s on a journey through various iTunes playlists and really vet them before laying down my judgement.

Well the journey is complete, friends. Judgement is at hand. Check the video for my full review.