Does Apple’s Jonathan Ive Want To Return To U.K.?



Steve Jobs is on medical leave and now one of his key lieutenants reportedly wants to return to his native U.K.

Apple’s head designer Jonathan Ive wants to return England to live, reports the Sunday Times. Ive, of course, is one of the key geniuses behind Apple’s string of blockbuster hits and is perhaps the world’s most influential industrial designer.

British-born Ive has reportedly proposed a plan to “commute” to Cupertino, Calif., from his $4 million manor house in Somerset, but Apple’s board is none too thrilled with the idea. Ive is said to be at “loggerheads” with the board, reports the Sunday Times.

A friend of the family told the paper: “Unfortunately he is just too valuable to Apple and they told him in no uncertain terms that if he headed back to England he would not be able to sustain his position with them.”

According to The Times, Ive has just reaped about $30 million from a ‘golden handcuffs’ deal signed in 2008, which has now expired. He and his wife Heather want to educate their twins in their native country.

Apple refused to comment on Ive’s employment status and said it was “speculation” that he wanted to return to the U.K.

The Sunday Times: I created the iPad and iClaim my £18m (Story behind pay wall).

Via Daily Mail.

  • CharliK

    typical tabloid tactic quoting an unnamed alleged friend of the family. There is no proof he wants to do anything or that Apple is displeased. Hell perhaps Steve found out about this alleged desire for the kids to go to school in England and Mom to go back to their house there and it was his proposal for Jony to ‘telecommute’ during the paper periods and just come back when it is time to actually make and test prototypes.

  • Buddyro7

    Hasn’t Apple’s stock been fluctuating enough since job went back on medical leave…stop posting this garbage!

  • Mark Whitenack

    Uh….Facetime! Why does he have to be in the same country to maintain his position – isn’t this what Apple products are all about?

  • sab0tage

    The Times isn’t a tabloid, it’s a broadsheet newspaper.

  • Robert

    Go go! Go Jony go go go! Go Jony go go go! Ah, Jony B Goode!

  • markbyrn

    First, we heard that Apple is finished if Steve Jobs is gone. Now Apple is finished if Ives leaves. That clown Wilcox from Betanews wrote that Apple needs Ives more than it needs Jobs. The fact is people pass on or people move on, and perhaps the next hires will do even better things. Apple will survive (or not) based on it’s commitment to it’s unique ethos and culture that make it successful.

  • CMK1

    Does it make me gay if I got lost in Jony’s eyes?

  • CMK1

    Does it make me gay if I got lost in Jony’s eyes?

  • greg

    Apple’s board has no say it what the key figures running Apple decide to do. When are people going to realize where the power lies. We are not talking about any sort of normal company here.

  • imajoebob

    If only Apple could invent a technology that would allow someone to do most of their work from home. They could even try to commercialize it.

  • S. Mulji


  • edmundpw

    The Times is definitely a tabloid newspaper. When did you last see a copy, sab0tage?

  • Dave

    Give me a break. He can set up a lab in England and do 98% of what he does now. He needs to direct the work not do it himself. You people are so limited in your thinking.

  • Dave

    Give me a break. He can set up a lab in England and do 98% of what he does now. He needs to direct the work not do it himself. You people are so limited in your thinking.

  • BirdMan9

    If Job and Ive gone … Apple will be a less then average.. all company want to steal Ive.. i don’t want a future without this two guys.

  • RussellL

    Looks like Jony isn’t as greedy as Apple’s board members. He got his $30mil and now wants to spend time with his family. Kudos to him!

  • Daibidh

    No doubt there is a grain of truth to some of this but ugh… blown out of proportion… AGAIN! What is it with Apple and the media’s insane fixation?

    Mr. Ive has become the creative face of Apple. Given Mr. Jobs’ current situation, it stands to reason a more lucrative and flexible “golden handcuff” opportunity is presenting itself. Apple’s global and it’s communications tech savvy. Ive can work effectively from anywhere.

    Eventually, both Jobs and Ive will be gone. Do you honestly think they single handedly make every design and business decision?! *laugh* They have fleets on bright innovative people working under them. They may come up with a few ideas here and there but I’d say the lion’s share of what happens at Apple is done by someone else.

  • Jamie9230

    one of his eyes are brown, one is blue……

  • Daibidh

    Move over Hypnotoad?! LoL

  • alternet-14395

    So long as he gets the projects done, Apple should allow him to live in a city beneath the Caribbean Sea!

    “He and his wife Heather want to educate their twins in their native country.” ········ You mean, he puts out that, Castro Gold’s Gym; “I’m-a-totally-hot-porn-star.” pout and he’s NOT gay?!
    Does AppleCare cover gaydar? – cause mine acts strange whenever I watch one of his vids. I even did a restart, but I get the same result.

  • TheKribus

    Please don’t!

  • sab0tage

    I haven’t read one in a while, I believe they changed the daily into a compact edition, the Sunday Times is still a broadsheet though. Neither are considered tabloids.

  • // Scott Barnes //

    Dear Apple. Let Ive go back to UK, setup Apple Inc Industrial design lab, hire native Europeans to do kick ass design. Move on..

    It’s not like Europe isn’t arguably the epic center of industrial designers anyway.. fark, these cats can design!!!…

  • sab0tage

    It would be less expensive to get a Lync and Sharepoint server and get some copies of MS Office 2010.

  • Mootilda

    Why not settle for a 50/50? Half of the year, Ive is allowed to “work remotely” from England, and the other 6 months of the year he pledges to be in Cupertino.

    Oh… and Apple, give him his own $15 million private jet. His kids and wifey will love it.

  • Hosss

    It’s not Tabloid, it’s in “Berliner” format. Similar but not the same.

  • Allan

    Isn’t physical location pretty much irrelevant these days?

  • Johnc8117

    Yes it does :)

  • Micktink2003

    Please, BirdMan9!

    Get a life and become aware there is NO company of Apple’s size that exists, or succeeds (or fails) based on any one or two individuals.

  • sab0tage

    The Guardian is in the Berliner format, The Times is in the compact format.

    I get the feeling you guys haven’t realised the original article was from the British (original) version of The Sunday Times, which is most definitely not a tabloid newspaper.

  • imajoebob

    And it’s content has become much more tabloid since Murdoch bought it. Just like the right winger editorial page is taking over the news in the WSJ, the scandal mongers are taking it over at the Times.

  • Hornet Montana

    Are we talking papers or jelly doughnuts?

  • iGuest

    Don’t worry, people! Go to red dot design awards and see how many great industrial designers in the World. Ive are really great! But, Apple is always will be best company in this segment, without Steve and Ive. Just remember that are no longer alive founder Whiskey Jack Danies, are no longer alive founder of Wal-Mart and a Porsche and other fine companies whose products we are happy in our day.

    Apple can only change if its CEO will Balmer! :D

  • BirdMan9

    Its hard to imagine Apple without this two guys .. unless you have a better replacement.

  • CharliK

    It might be a ‘broadsheet’ but the tactic is still straight out of a tabloid.

  • CharliK

    The grain of truth is probably the idea that they want their kids to go to school in England. And they have a house there

    The notion that Daddy is determined to move there full time to be with them is probably false. As is the notion that Apple is trying to stop him from commuting etc.

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