Engadget: Last Minute Engineering Issues Led Apple To Pull Retina Display From iPad 2



Engadget’s now reporting that “engineering issues” have led Apple to make last-minute design changes to the iPad 2 that will cause it to launch without a Retina Diplay. What a load of total crap.

Editor Joshua Topolsky defensively writes:

It’s worth noting once again that these sources have been dead right on specific Apple plans and specifications for unannounced products in the past, and we have no reason to believe these changes are due to anything more than legitimate engineering decisions made close to launch.

The Retina Display was never coming to the iPad 2. It wasn’t feasible when Engadget first wrote about it, and it’s not feasible now: the technology simply hasn’t reached the economy-of-scale necessary to cram Retina Display technology into a $499 tablet. Daring Fireball’s John Gruber agrees. It’s always been bunk, and the soonest anyone should expect a Retina Display in the iPad is in 2012.

Otherwise, Engadget’s revised report is a compendium of the agreed-upon iPad 2 consensus: A5 CPU, more RAM, thinner design, new speaker, FaceTime-capable. If there’s any other surprises in the iPad 2, March 2nd will tell all, but they’ll likely be more a matter of software than hardware.

  • Dan Gribbin

    Right, because Cult of Mac’s “sources” are always spot on.

  • MacGoo

    Agreed. Topolsky generally engages in some shameless link-baiting in the week leading up to an Apple announcement. Anyone who’s been following the reports for longer than that knows that a Retina display was never really feasible, and the SD card slot was not really that likely either. Thanks for being real, CoM!

  • MacGoo

    There were no “sources” quoted here. John was just using common sense, backed up by an understanding of the economy of scale necessary to include such a feature in the iPad 2. Stop trolling.

  • Anonymous

    Stop. Just stop. Stop abusing depth-of-field in every other photo, I mean. The point of using the technique is to draw attention to a particular point of interest in a scene, not to show that you know how to set it on your camera. Nobody gives a shit what the upper right hand corner of the iPad looks like. Go back to infinite focus and work on the basics like lighting and framing.

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  • Gheedsgreed

    I’m pretty sure Topolsky and other Engadget writers have also said the same thing in the past, that retina displays on the iPad is not feasible yet. They have also talked about in their podcasts.

  • B066Y

    Wow…angry much?

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  • nickp91

    Hope the iPad 2 ad launches next week

  • Ricardo Ferreira

    I agree, everybody’s playing with the 50mm now, talent or no talent. But in the photographer’s defense I could say he is hinting at how thin the ipad is. In any case, the objective here is to provide a non stock although generic photo of the ipad. We don’t need a sharp photo of the ipad because we all know what it looks like.

  • Ryan Thompson

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