FaceTime for Mac Now Available On The Mac App Store In 720p



Although buyers of new MacBook Pros should have it come preinstalled on their machines, if you want FaceTime on your existing Mac, it’s going to cost you some bread, or beans, or shekels, or whatever your preferred pecuniary vernacular.

It won’t cost you much, though. Coming out of public beta, FaceTime for Mac has just hit the Mac App Store for just $0.99.

Changes over the beta aren’t significant… but explicit mention is made that 720p video calling is supported. Considering the fact that today’s MacBook Pros ship with “FaceTime HD” cameras, it looks like Apple has finally embraced the full capabilities of their 1280×1024 FaceTime nee iSight webcams.

  • Adam

    Will the Facetime Beta app continue to work?

  • CharliK

    likely, at least for while, but you won’t get any updates.

    My big issue is that I was hoping they would add this to ichat. Make one program for all chatting. Like a plug in perhaps. Even maybe add other plugins for other systems. So ichat becomes more like Trillan etc.

  • Boolateekteek

    Do I need to uninstall Facetime Beta first before installing Facetime 1.0?

  • Jeffey

    I love Facetime and there is plenty of room for improvement but HD was not on my list of improvements.

    Quicker connections as setting up a Facetime to Facetime call takes about 1 minute, a visual voicemail box for missed FT calls, and conference calls capabilities all rate higher on my list than HD.

  • Download

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