Back Up iPhone W/Out Computer With Iomega’s SuperHero Dock [Review]



Lucky me. I got the husband’s cast-off iPhone 3GS. But only after my old Razor phone fell in a lake. Although I do love the iPhone (who wouldn’t?), I am often forgetful and lazy with it. Meaning that I never charge it and never download photos to the computer.

This is where the Iomega’s SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone saves the day. This small portable dock charges your iPhone and downloads your data simultaneously.

So when I inevitably drop my iPhone in the garbage disposal, at least I won’t lose my address book.

If you have ever lost or had your iPhone stolen or destroyed, than you are well aware of the heartache involved in losing all of your contacts and photos. The SuperHero is a charger dock with a SD Card slot at the back. Slip in the included 4GB SD card, and the dock backs up your contacts and photos every time you plug the iPhone in. All you need to do is download Iomega’s free SuperHero App first.

For a non-tech person like myself, the SuperHero is dead easy to use. It’s basically plug and forget. After I downloaded the free app from iTunes, I plugged the SuperHero in the wall outlet. I Inserted the iPhone, hit the “Backup” button and waited for the backup to complete. The first backup took quite a while. This is no speed demon, especially backing up photos, which took forever. But after that it was pretty quick (not much had changed). Subsequent backups start automatically after a countdown timer. If you have a large amount of data, you’ll need to get a larger memory card.

To test whether the backups worked, I deleted some photos and a bunch of contacts. Getting them back was easy. I just hit the “Restore” button in the Superhero App, and they put them back where they belonged.

The SuperHero is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3 and 3GS. It also works with the iPod Touch 4.

This would be a pretty good gift. especially if the recipient suffers from the dropsies or is prone to leaving their iPhone in public places. I put my iPhone into the SuperHero every evening now. When backups are included as part of your routine, your contacts and photos are protected.

However, the SuperHero does not backup music, videos or calendars.

The SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone is available from Iomega for $69.99.

The iomega SuperHero App is free and available from iTunes

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    Cool, but it should backup everything.

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    this looks cool and handy

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    Do you have to remove the phone from a case or does the dock accommodate some cases?