It’s Official: Apple Issues iPad 2 Press Invites For March 2



It’s official: The iPad 2 launch will be March 2.

Apple is issuing press invites to a special media event on March 2 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, according to

“Come see what 2011 will be all about,” says the invite. Looks like Apple is pretty confident about the iPad 2.

The event starts at 10:00 am. It’s the same venue Apple traditionally uses to introduce products.

  • B066Y

    Interesting…that’s not a Tuesday (which if my memory is correct is the usual day of choice for Apple).

  • Daniel

    It looks fake and unprofessional- look at the top corners- a random piece of grey and even though the image is likely to have been scaled up, it is very pixilated, which apple would make sure wouldn’t happen,
    and how many press people have said that thy have received an email like this? currently I’ve only found

  • Fioss

    Reason, It’s Steve’s Birthday, So why not move it to that day.

  • MacGoo

    Please. You don’t know what you’re talking about. A “random” piece of grey in the corners? That’s the corners of the jpeg, and probably exactly match the background color value of the original email even though it doesn’t match this page. JPEGS have no alpha value, so it has to be there – it’s not “random”. Also, scaling up an image will pixelate it. Apple would have included an image that was JUST the resolution they needed, (this is the most efficient way to send HTML emails) so ANY scaling up would create noticeable pixelation. Mute points, sir. Finally, check any other tech blog out there: they’ve most all received invitations.

  • joe_6285

    Waited so long for this day to come. Would have been be happy if Steve Jobs showed the Tablet instead of than Phil.

  • Nanisani

    Steve Jobs’ birthday is tomorrow, February 24th

  • Ed

    JPEG says “…will be the year of” (which is horribly mangled English), your article quotes “…will be all about”. (Better English but doesn’t match the image.

    What’s the real story please?

  • DavidPwrMc

    I do not have official knowledge of the true meaning of the “mangled English”, but my first impression was that it was an oblique reference to the Chinese practice of labelling various years as the “year of the ox”; “year of the goat”; etc.

    Hence, in this instance, it’s likely Apple’s way of saying that 2011 will be the “year of the Lion” (referencing the upcoming new version of Mac OS X scheduled for release sometime this year.

    That’s just a guess on my part…your mileage may vary.

    – David (how inscrutable Apple is) PwrMc

  • M. F. Kamil A. Fauzi

    March 2! The big number ‘2’ is symbolic to iPad 2!

  • Santiago Zubieta

    Because it would have no meaning to release it on the 28th
    I bet this time they made the exception of moving it to the 2nd to make that picture with the HUGE 2 allusive to the iPad 2

  • Muito

    The desktop picture surely hints at there being a retina display.

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