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New Amazon Kindle ‘The Book Lives On’ Ads Poke More Fun at iPad



Amazon has released a new series of television advertisements continuing to stress its Kindle e-reader is the future – not the Apple iPad. You may remember in our last episode, we left the pair on a beach where the Amazon device was played by a gorgeous woman and the iPad a nerdy guy. When we return, the Kindle is still the happy-go-lucky successor to the printed book and the iPad is still a bulky gadget with a screen full of glare.

Although the Kindle is a one-trick pony (albeit done very well) and the iPad can tackle a multitude of tasks, the Seattle-based Internet book-seller is taking advantage of the current tiff between Apple and publishers, as well as growing signs readers are moving towards the e-reader. In the new 30-second commercial, Amazon highlights the Kindle’s portability, its 30-day battery lifespan and its light weight.

Although we’ve had our say on the latest round between Apple and publishers selling through iTunes, the general consensus on the Cupertino, Calif. company’s new requirements has been mostly negative. Last week, the tech giant announced publishers seeking subscriptions via Apps, must go through iTunes.

That requirement, ensuring Apple gets its 30 percent cut from sales, comes as Amazon announces the Kindle is its best-selling product and that Kindle e-book versions of best-sellers are out-selling the printed versions.

Unspoken in the latest round of Kindle ads is that the Amazon e-reader now appears to have the upper-hand when it comes to many book-lovers. Apple, for its part, may already know this; the reason why so many new iPad apps are games.

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