The MagicWand Unites Your Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad Into One Elegant Super Accessory



The Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad fit together as if they were meant to be one and the same… so why aren’t they? While there are ergonomic reasons why it might not be ideal on the desktop, a combined keyboard/trackpad would be the perfect solution for people trying to control a Mac hooked up to their television, or when lounging in an arm chair in front of your iMac.

Enter the MagicWand, a new accessory from Twelve South that connects the Apple Wireless Keyboard to the Magic Trackpad without adding any additional bulk.

I puzzled awhile trying to figure out how the MagicWand holds the two accessories together until realizing how simple it was: it’s just a half-cylinder bracket that snaps along the battery case, tightly uniting the keyboard and trackpad when placed side-by-side in either righty or lefty configuration.

Very clever, and the price isn’t bad either: it’ll only cost you $29.99. After years of using an absolutely execrable combination keyboard/trackball for my home theater Mac, I’m going to switch to the MagicWand full time.