Bluetti AC200P power station still tops market after 3 years

Bluetti AC200P power station still tops market after 3 years


There are rock-solid reasons Bluetti AC200P power station is still a top pick.
There are rock-solid reasons Bluetti AC200P power station is still a top pick.
Photo: Bluetti

Three years after it came out, Bluetti’s stalwart AC200P power station remains a high-value tool for all your power needs — whether you’re camping in a remote spot or living through a power outage at home. Right from the start, Bluetti’s all-in-one generator stood out because of its outstanding features and competitive price.

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The AC200P’s 2,000W inverter, advanced 2,000Wh LiFePO4 battery, seven charging methods and 17 outlets mean it can meet users’ power needs in almost any scenario.

What makes Bluetti AC200P still stand out among numerous competitors?

After its launch in 2020, the Bluetti AC200P power station — on sale now for just $1,299 — quickly became a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners. Why? Well, the following key features shed light on the unit’s enduring popularity.

Mobile power for all

Portable use is absolutely an option with Bluetti's AC200P power station.
Portable use is absolutely an option with Bluetti’s AC200P power station.
Photo: Bluetti

Camping in the great outdoors is awesome, but running out of juice for your iPhone, Mac and Bluetooth speakers? That’s a gigantic drag. Luckily, the AC200P’s 2,000W output (4,800W surge) and small size make it the perfect combination of mobility and capability.

It can power various outdoor activities like camping, RVing and boating. And with it by your side, you can stay connected and enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about running out of power.

And during power outages, the AC200P can be a lifesaver. It can keep your critical appliances running, such as medical equipment, devices for work, refrigerators and lights, giving you peace of mind.

Tough and long-lasting LiFePO4 battery

Power outage? No problem. Keep your devices charged with the AC200P.
Power outage? No problem. Keep your devices charged with the AC200P.
Photo: Bluetti

Another great aspect of the AC200P is its choice of battery. Lithium iron phosphate cells, aka LiFePO4, represent the latest battery technology. And LiFePO4 offers several advantages. It’s a safer, longer-lasting battery type than lithium-ion varieties. Capable of more than 3,500 charge cycles, the AC200P outlasts its competitors’ nickel manganese cobalt (aka NMC) models, which typically only last for 800 to 1,000 cycles.

In addition, LiFePO4 power stations are more eco-friendly than lithium-ion ones. No heavy metals like cobalt, nickel or manganese figure in LiFePO4 battery manufacturing.

Easily expand battery capacity

While AC200P’s battery packs a solid 2,000Wh of power, sometimes you need more juice. Fortunately, you can easily connect additional Bluetti batteries.

That can really help you out in certain situations, like setting out on extended trips, going glamping or enduring prolonged power outages. Basically, anytime you need some extra power.

Bluetti’s B230 or B300 expansion battery packs are good choices for that. You can increase your overall power capacity to 4,048Wh with the B230 and to 5,072Wh with the B300.

Fast solar and AC charging

Charge up the AC200P with solar panels for true energy efficiency.
Charge up the AC200P with solar panels for true energy efficiency.
Photo: Bluetti

Even the best power station needs recharging, so it’s great the AC200P offers several charging options. You can use solar panels, AC wall outlets, lead-acid batteries or your car charger, either separately or in combination (thanks to the power station’s dual-recharging functionality).

At a refreshingly low cost, the AC200P supports up to 1,200W dual AC and solar input, or 1,000W dual AC input with optional T500 adapters. And you can pair the AC200P with the Bluetti PV200 or PV350 folding solar panels to get 700W of solar power when you’re on the go.

And that’s not all. Add Bluetti’s D050S charging enhancer and you can get an additional 500W, giving you a total of up to 1,200W of solar charging power. With that, you achieve serious solar power efficiency.

Cost-effectiveness that can’t be beat

With a retail price of $1,659 — marked down for a limited time to just $1,299 — the Bluetti AC200P power station offers the most budget-friendly price for a product of its kind, the company says.

In comparison, power stations from other well-known brands that provide around the same 2kWh capacity normally cost $300 to $800 more than Bluetti’s, in spite of their shorter life cycles.

Get special offers on solar generator kits

As one of Bluetti’s flagship models, the AC200P offers a powerful and affordable option for easy access to mobile power anywhere — especially solar energy. You can choose a solar generator kit for emergency backup or off-grid living.

With three PV200 solar panels in full sunshine, you can fully charge your AC200P to 600W in six hours. There is also a PV120 kit to produce 360W solar power. Just in time for the sunny season, Bluetti offers great deals on combo kits that pair the AC200P with accessories that will keep all your gear powered up all summer long. See the special offers below.


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