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Dual curved displays set at crazy angles for sane reason [Setups]


To get a better idea of the screen angles, see the image below.
To get a better idea of the screen angles, see the image below.
Photo: linkuei-teaparty@Reddit.com

If you’re considering going with two external displays in your computer setup, you might find some inspiration in today’s featured MacBook Pro workstation with two slick gaming displays.

The laptop drives two stacked, ultra-wide, curved displays that are mounted — and even carefully angled — for the best ergonomics, resulting no eye or neck strain.

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MacBook Pro setup relies on dual curved and angled displays

Redditor linkuei-teaparty (“Link”), located in Australia, showcased the setup in a post entitled, “My home recording setup. Open to suggestions for improving the setup.”

The MacBook Pro sits open on a stand to the right of the lower external display. The laptop drives two stacked, 34-inch Xiaomi ultra-wide, curved 4K displays sitting on North Bayou Monitor Arms providing up to 270 degrees of rotation.

The 21:9 ratio gaming displays run at a quick refresh rate of 144Hz. They feature 4ms response time and 3440 × 1440 pixel resolution. They display 16.7 million colors.

But all commenters really cared about was their placement and the implied bad ergonomics. They imagined sore eyes and stiff necks from looking up and looking down. Wouldn’t it work better to tilt the top screen downward? Shouldn’t the bottom one not be tilted away from the user?

Here’s how one thoughtful commenter put it:

I love the concept, but can never understand the ergonomics of these setups, you either have to be looking up (really bad for neck/back) or standing and then looking down (I can’t stand all day). I would love to find a great way to do this, as I think there is a use case, I just can’t find a way that would not leaving me requiring a chiropractor every night.

And another person said this:

The thing that’s bugging me the most is the monitor placement: The lower monitor feels like it’s tilted too far backwards and the upper one in my view needs to be tilted downwards otherwise you might feel that in your neck.

Tilting displays can actually improve ergonomics

But Link said he doesn’t have any such problems. In fact, he thinks the ergonomics work “much better with this new setup.”

He suggested his photo’s angle may make the top monitor look higher than the eye level where it actually sits when he’s seated. He sees no reason to tilt the screen down because he’s not looking up at it, but straight on. And the lower one doesn’t make him look down because it’s higher than laptop level.

“Much like a curved display brings horizontal viewing angles closer to the eye, the tilted display brings the vertical viewing angle much closer to the eye, reducing the strain of looking further,” he said.

“The MacBook Pro is sitting on a laptop stand that’s tilted up, having the screen higher than laptop level. Finally, if I have windows at the opposite ends of each screen, I can navigate between them more easily than having the screens side by side,” he added.

Powerful Kali speakers

Link seems serious about high-quality audio, judging by the way he mounts 80-watt Kali LP 6 studio monitors/speakers on speaker stands and points the right at his head.

The speakers’ 3D Imaging Waveguide teases a 3D sound stage from stereo sound. Dual Layer Voice Coil encourages low harmonic distortion in a high dynamic range. They’re designed for super-clear sound in a small space, like a home studio, an editing bay — or a computer setup.

But a commenter noted the room itself could use some help in the audio department.

From an audio perspective you will get some early reflections off the hard desk especially without a mouse pad or anything. Results in some comb filtering but if you’re not hardcore mixing or mastering won’t matter too much.

One of the BEST things to do is treat your room. I see you have blank walls and if you are to spend money on something I would highly suggest putting even some kind of treatment up.

“Thanks for this,” Link replied. “My home office is an audio nightmare because of the windows that take two walls and an upstairs balcony entrance. Can you share any advice on treating glass, corners and wooden floors?”

No reply came, but sources online can be helpful for learning how to treat a room for ideal sound.

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Sitting, the user finds the top monitor at eye level and the tilted lower monitor help reduce eye strain.
Sitting, the user finds the top monitor placed at eye level and the lower monitor tilted back both help reduce eye strain.
Photo: linkuei-teaparty@Reddit.com


Displays and mounts:

Input devices:



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