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Floating iPad Pro works as a ‘perfect’ second screen [Setups]


Whoah, how'd that iPad Pro learn to fly?
Whoah, how'd that iPad Pro learn to fly?
Photo: StatFlow@Reddit.com

We often see computer setups festooned with several big external monitors, Mission Control style. But some great setups get by with zero external displays, like today’s featured iMac setup.

The iMac provides the main screen, of course. And then “black magic” makes the iPad Pro levitate as a second screen. Or something like that. See below.

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iPad Pro on a mount floats alongside iMac’s screen in setup

Redditor StatFlow showcased the setup in a post entitled, “My Blue Setup – My 12.9″ iPad works perfect as a second screen.”

The 24-inch blue iMac sits on an interesting stand.

“It’s the Rain Design mbase,” Flow said. “It is the perfect stand for the iMac imo. It fits it perfectly and sits flush with the iMac’s base. High quality construction, too.”

But what grabbed people’s attention most is how the 12.9-inch iPad Pro just seems float in the air next to the iMac‘s screen.

How is the iPad Pro mounted?

Naturally, plenty of commenters wanted to know about the mount for the iPad. One person even inquired about the “black magic” in play. But it’s really just a mount for tablets or laptops affixed to a monitor arm. You just can’t see what’s going on behind the devices.

“I’m using the Zelal magnetic VESA mount [and] an AmazonBasics monitor mount,” Flow said. “Looks like the Zelal mount recently rocketed up in price, though.”

Other folks asked about the iPad’s connectivity and how Flow moves documents around. That led, naturally, to a discussion of Sidecar and Universal Control.

Sidecar and Universal Control both in play

“I’m using Sidecar when I need [the iPad] as a second screen, but it’s seamless and wireless,” Flow said. “In the case of Sidecar, the iPad is just a second monitor that displays macOS.”

With Universal Control, it’s not quite so simple but the functionality opens up options.

“In the case of Universal Control, windows can’t be dragged … but files, links and artifacts like that can be dragged,” Flow said. “It’s just converting between MacOS and iPadOS on the fly. If you’re interested you should check out Universal control as a feature.”

Using both Sidecar and Universal Control, the setup hums, Flow noted.

“The synchronization between the two is incredible and really makes this setup work!” they said.

Unusual floor lamp is like a ring light

That's quite a floor lamp. It looks like a ring light pros use for photography and video.
That’s quite a floor lamp. It looks like a ring light pros use for photography and video.
Photo: StatFlow@Reddit.com

Someone else wanted to know how Flow likes the striking floor lamp. It looks like a ring light pro photographers, videographers and streamers use for lighting.

“It is a Sohnne HaloLux [Ultra Light],” Flow said. “And yes, I like it a lot! It has a dimmer, and I’ve got it hooked up to a smart outlet so I can control it through HomeKit. Pretty expensive, tho.”

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