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PCs come in all shapes, sizes and configurations, offering plenty of options for customization.
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At a time when mobility is so highly valued, desktop computers somewhat surprisingly have not decreased in popularity at all. If you are searching for the best desktop PCs check out, what features should you consider while looking for the best equipment?

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While most Cult of Mac readers probably have a soft spot in their hearts for Apple computers, in certain scenarios a Windows PC can make more sense (and might cost less). Read this buying guide for tips on choosing a desktop computer.

Desktop computer: Why should you choose it?

Everyone who is proficient in the digital world knows what a desktop computer is and what it looks like. A desktop PC is a tower with all the computer components like a motherboard, processor and graphic card in it. A desktop computer needs a separate monitor and peripherals (especially a keyboard and mouse). A specific type of desktop computer is an all-in-one, like the iMac, which packages all the necessary components inside a monitor for a clean, uncluttered look.

Desktop PCs vs. laptops

PCs can range from inexpensive ones mainly used for basic tasks to powerful gaming desktops.

What are the main advantages of desktop computers over laptops?

Desktop PCs offer better efficiency at a lower price

The biggest advantage of PCs is their huge processing power. If you wanted to achieve similar performance with a laptop, you would need to spend much more money than on a desktop computer. In comparison to a laptop, a personal computer is much more affordable.

Room for expansion

Depending on the PC manufacturer, desktop machines are often completely upgradeable. For example, you can swap almost every component including the motherboard, graphics and CPU. In addition to that, you can easily add more RAM and even change the computer case. Some laptops also allow you to perform certain upgrades, but only to a very limited extent (i.e., swapping out a hard drive for a faster solid-state drive).

Great desktop experience for gaming

Thanks to advanced cooling systems, extended memory and the most powerful processors, desktops are frequently chosen by the most demanding users: gamers. PC gaming is much more efficient and pleasurable than on a laptop. The larger screen size, the adjustable monitor setup, the wireless keyboard and mouse designed for gaming, even the comfortable desk and chair — everything about using a desktop machine combines to make gameplay a top experience.

How to choose a desktop computer

If you want to buy a good tower PC, you need to study the computer’s parameters thoroughly. The parameters of the chosen equipment are responsible for the comfort and effectiveness of use. What is most important when choosing a desktop? Check out what to take into consideration when making a purchase.


It is said that the processor is the heart of the computer. The more cores it has, the smoother the computer’s operation. Most desktop computers run on Intel Core or AMD processors. Nowadays, a quad-core desktop computer is a minimum. When it comes to this part of the computer, Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors lead the way. And professionals will definitely appreciate the increased power of top-of-the-line Intel Core i9 processors.


RAM is operational memory that temporarily stores data. The more RAM in the computer, the more programs can be opened at the same time without a loss of efficiency. Ever since the introduction of the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft advises that the minimum RAM for a desktop computer is 8GB. Different kinds of RAM operate at different speeds. In general, more, faster RAM is better if you want the best performance.


An integrated graphics card is enough for those who need a computer for basic tasks like word processing or browsing the internet. However, if you plan on buying a gaming PC, a dedicated graphics card is a must. For gamers and those who use specialist software, the most highly recommended graphic cards are NVidia GeForce RTX or GTX and AMD Radeon RX.

Hard drive

Some desktops still rely on hard drive disks, which used to be more capacious than solid-state drives, but most new desktop computers use SSDs these days. When shopping for a new computer, you should opt for one equipped with an SSD. They are faster, quieter, more durable and more efficient than HDDs. Modern computers should have at least 1TB of memory for the user’s data.

External peripheral connectors

When buying a desktop, you should be aware of the fact that you will need to connect some peripherals to use your equipment. It would be best if your computer has at least five USB ports (including USB 3.0 and USB-C), Display Ports, HDMI, eSATA or Thunderbolt. Some computers even still have SD card readers, which can be important if you use a digital camera. In the case of peripheral connectors, the more the merrier.

Who should buy a desktop PC?

Desktop computers are a frequent choice for businesses. They prove popular among people who work with advanced computer programs, because they can equip their computer with a powerful processor, lots of RAM and graphics that will meet high expectations. Working is also more comfortable when using a multi-screen setup. That’s why most programmers, graphic designers, visual artists and architects choose a more-powerful desktop over a laptop.

Another group of desktop fans is gamers. Of course, you can buy a gaming laptop, but an all-in-one solution is not that important for gaming fans. What really matters is power. Desktop PCs can be much more advanced than most gaming laptops. They can even outperform dedicated video game consoles.

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