Mobile Safari To Get Google Instant Previews Soon



Search Google on your desktop browser and as long as it is HTML5 compliant, hovering your mouse over a link will give you a visual preview of that site, giving you all the more context as to whether or not it’s really the site you need.

Up until now, Google’s Instant Preview functionality wasn’t available to iPad and iPhone users, but it looks like the search giant’s on the cusp of changing that: while it hasn’t been rolled out far and wide, Google is currently in the process of testing a rollout of Instant Preview for Mobile Safari.

Once it’s live, the feature will work only if you tap the magnifying glass icon next to each search result. Tapping that icon will open a preview window that shows a snapshot of the page, which can be flicked through iOS style with your finger.

Extraneous, but neat (and, thankfully, optional). Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the feature is live yet, but it should be coming soon, so keep your iPads tuned.