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The 4 biggest recruiting hurdles your company faces — and how to vault over them


Want to figure out how to streamline your hiring? Here are a few helpful steps.
These four tips could make your next hiring process go a lot more smoothly.
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Hiring in 2023 is no joke — but it’s not impossible. While every company faces challenges when it comes to staffing, there are ways to tackle those issues head-on such as using ZipRecruiter. Rated the No. 1 job site in the United States*, ZipRecruiter provides employers with weekly access to more than 10 million job seekers*.

ZipRecruiter: Your tool in a job seeker’s market

Nearly nine out of 10 job recruiters say the current labor market is being driven by those seeking the jobs (.pdf). Of course, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Of the average 250 resumes submitted for each job posting, most candidates just don’t measure up. In most cases, they lack the experience, the technical skills or even the competitive fire to nudge out the others and become one of the average four to six interviews granted for each open job. And the average bad hire costs a company about $15,000, not to mention 30% drops in employee morale and productivity.

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If you’re one of those businesses that needs to score a big hit with a key new hire, then you already know there are some major challenges to getting that new superstar on your team. Of course, there are also ways around those challenges that can pave the way to scoring that new addition your business so desperately needs.

1. There’s a lot of competition out there.

The problem: 10 million job openings. And behind those 10 million open jobs are thousands of companies that can’t even get their listings seen through the cacophony of job market noise.

The solution: It starts with building an identity for your company that attracts job seekers. Once you’ve turned your business into a brand with easily accessible social media stories of real employee success and tangible examples of helping grow their careers, you’ll have a foundation for getting the most desirable candidates interested.

And volume doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to get noticed, either. A service like ZipRecruiter can streamline the entire visibility problem, distributing member job listings to more than 100 different job boards across the web to help get you noticed.

2. Getting your job in front of the right candidates is hard.

The problem: Passive candidates are a thing of the past. Now, most job seekers are actively chasing several different opportunities at once. More than 85% of the most qualified candidates are already working somewhere else anyway. That means you’re often looking for the needle in the haystack … and not always having much luck.

The solution: Make communication key during your hiring process. Since a bad interview experience is the most likely factor to send a candidate running, invest in making sure your company’s process is on point. Since job responsibilities and expectations are usually at the top of a candidate’s questions list, bring in co-workers and hiring managers to answer them directly. Then make sure you’ve got a solid timeline and regular updates to keep those potential new hires in the loop while you make a final decision.

3. Identifying the right candidates is even harder.

The problem: Qualifications count … a lot. We’re facing one of the most difficult labor shortages ever — and more than three out of four recruiters say finding quality candidates is their biggest challenge. In fact, about half of all jobs stay unfilled because there just isn’t enough qualified talent to make a hire.

The solution: Here’s where the big guns like ZipRecruiter can come in handy again. Along with algorithms to help spot the best and brightest available for a given job, their expertise zeros in on those who haven’t applied yet for your open position and invites them to submit a resume. Widening the pool of eligible top-notch candidates could be just the tipping point your search needs to grab the perfect fit.

4. Hiring takes too long.

The problem: While we always focus on how long it takes to get hired for an employee (and yes … it can take an egregiously long time), we don’t often think about the impact on a business. If you tally up the hours it takes to get a new hire in the door and get them trained, a company spends an average of $4,129 and about 42 days to fill an open position.

The solution: If you knew it was going to take 100 hours to get to a candidate you were comfortable enough to hire, that might change your mind about how much time is spent on getting to that end result. By automating the process, ZipRecruiter can shave 60%, 70% or even 80% off that total. As you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each candidate, ZipRecruiter’s artificial intelligence starts to learn which candidates you like so it can serve up more potential hires that meet your requirements.

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*Based on G2 satisfaction ratings as of January 1, 2022.

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