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Bluetti crowdfunds $11 million for groundbreaking home-backup power station


Bluetti's Indiegogo fundraising campaign was an unqualified success.
Bluetti's Indiegogo fundraising campaign was an unqualified success.
Photo: Bluetti

Power product provider Bluetti hit a big milestone recently when it raised a staggering $11.6 million on Indiegogo for its new AC500 and B300S Home Backup Power Station, a backup beast that can power a home for days.

The campaign raised the funds — $11,633,332 and counting, to be exact — between September 1, 2022, and October 30. That ensures production and sale of the advanced AC500 inverter and B300S expansion battery, set to go on sale November 25 on Bluetti’s website and Amazon (and available on Indiegogo in the meantime, see below).

AC500 & B300S Home Backup Power Station

Bluetti released the expandable powerhouse combo on September 1, 2022, with the launch of the Indigogo fundraising campaign. The modular AC500 can team up with the B300S or B300 expansion batteries for a staggering 18,432Wh of power for the home.

The AC500 tops its popular predecessor, the AC300, in both output and input. Its inverter allows a continuous power of 5,000W and a surge of 10,000W, easily charging most high-powered appliances.

For recharging, it supports 5,000W input by a wall outlet and 3,000W by solar panels. When combining the two inputs (8,000W at max), AC500 with two B300S go from empty to 80% capacity within an hour.

And because it can draw power from solar panels, it will definitely shift the way you harness and use solar energy.

Save on electricity bills

The AC500 system can cut down on electricity expenses because it integrates with your home grid via a transfer switch for regular use or use during a power outage.

You can also use its ample power to keep all of your power tools going or create an immersive RV or camping experience, to name a few examples.

Modular design, major output

The AC500 system’s modular design significantly shrinks the overall size and weight of typical all-in-one systems without losing any flexibility.

AC500 is fully modular and can accept up to six B300S expansion battery packs (3.072Wh each). That adds up to an overall capacity of 18,432Wh, so you can power your whole family’s basic needs for days.

Wide compatibility

You can run your home appliances off the AC500 system for days when the power goes out.
You can run your home appliances off the AC500 system for days when the power goes out.
Photo: Bluetti

In addition to the B300S, AC500 is compatible with up to four B300 battery packs (3,072Wh each). Or you can connect both models of expansion battery at once to customize the capacity according to your needs.

Being the first solar generator with 5,000W of continuous output power, AC500 allows you to run multiple electronics simultaneously and even effortlessly run heavy-duty appliances, including air conditioners, heaters, ovens and more.

The “Split Phase Bonding Function” lets you combine two AC500 units (with at least two B300S or B300 batteries) for a massive 10KW output power if integrated into your home grid.

Versatile outlets

AC500 is equipped with 16 outputs that enable it power almost 99% of devices, from handheld gadgets to major appliances. So, in most cases, you can skip the messy adapters and extra cables.

And in addition, the system’s 5,000W of power is designed for use with campers, RVs and many DIY uses, with L14-30,  TT-30 and 50A NEMA 14-50R connectivity.

Fast recharging

When you need power, you need power. Nobody likes to wait for a power station to recharge.

But with the wall outlet and solar panels plugged in, the AC500 system supports up to 8,000W of impressive input for charging. So you can recharge it from empty to full in about 2 hours, before you need it. Then it will be ready to go, whether that’s for a “glamping” trip or a major power outage.

Before the AC500 inverter and B300S expansion battery combo goes on sale November 25 at Bluetti and Amazon, you can order one on Indiegogo.

Price: $4,499 (AC500 and B300S)

Where to buy: Indiegogo


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