Apple Arcade collection of classic games keeps growing

Apple Arcade collection of classic games keeps growing


Puzzle with time in 'The Gardens Between+'
The Gardens Between+ is one of four classic games recently added to Apple Arcade.
Photo: Voxel Agents

Apple Arcade subscribers can now enjoy The Gardens Between+, which challenges player to solve puzzles by manipulating time. It’s a classic title joining Apple’s game service.

In recent weeks, Gris+, Gin Rummy Classic+ and Spider Solitaire: Card Game+ also joined Apple Arcade.

Many classic games join Apple Arcade

To beef up the number of games in its subscription service, Apple adds previously released titles and calls these App Store Greats. A “+” is added to the name, and the purchase price is $0.

Another difference between the new and the original version is that any in-app purchases have been stripped out. Apple Arcade doesn’t allow them. The same goes for ads, loot boxes and invasive player tracking.

The four recent additions join dozens of these classics already available through the service.

Puzzle with time in The Gardens Between+

The puzzles in The Gardens Between+ require players to manipulate time. Cause and effect have become malleable, and time flows in all directions.

But the puzzles are only part of the game. It is a dreamy tale of adventure, friendship and growing-up with a meaningful personal story.

The Gardens Between+ is available now in Apple Arcade for iPhone and iPad. Those not in Apple’s game service can play this offering from Voxel Agents for $4.99.

Wander and grow with Gris+

Wander and grow with 'Gris+'
Gris+ is a story told as a game.
Photo: Devolver

Gris+ is far from a typical game. It’s a visual story told in digital form.

“Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life,” says Devlover, the developer. “Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality.”

Apple Arcade subscribers can play Gris+ now on iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV. The game is ordinarily $4.99.

Two classic card games, too

Apple’s gaming service also recently added Gin Rummy Classic+ and Spider Solitaire: Card Game+, a pair of classic card games brought to iPad and iPhone. Both are for iPhone and iPad, and made by MobilityWare.

Play these now on Apple Arcade

Access to all of these classic titles costs $4.99 a month. And one subscription works for up to six family members. As noted, there are never hidden costs in the games. In-app purchases are forbidden.

And these are in addition to all the original games created just for Apple Arcade.