Tom Hanks' new 'Hanx101 Trivia' game hits Apple Arcade

Tom Hanks’ new Hanx101 Trivia game hits Apple Arcade


Tom Hanks' new 'Hanx101 Trivia' game hits Apple Arcade
Test your brainpower in Hanx101 Trivia from Tom Hanks.
Photo: BlueLine Studios/Apple Arcade

Screen legend Tom Hanks just launched a game for a range of Apple devices. Hanx101 Trivia has questions in categories from history to math, geography to food.

It’s available now exclusively in the Apple Arcade subscription service.

Put on your thinking cap to play Tom Hanks’ Hanx101 Trivia

Tom Hanks is a very smart guy. He didn’t just star in in the WWII drama Greyhound on Apple TV+, he wrote it. He also wrote the From the Earth to the Moon series, and an episode of Band of Brothers. He loves trivia games so it’s logical he’d create one himself.

“Trivia is for kids. Knowledge lasts a lifetime,” said Tom Hanks. “Compete against the entire world with Hanx101 Trivia and you will become a fascinating human being 101 facts at a time.”

The game challenges players to answer 101 questions in multiple categories. It supports up to four players, so go head-to-head to prove who’s smarter, or team up for competitive trivia showdowns.

Hanks lends his voice to the game to offer periodic words of encouragement.

On Apple Arcade today

Hanx101 Trivia from BlueLine Studios and Tom Hanks is available now in the Apple Arcade section of the App Store. There are versions for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV.

Apple’s service offers access to about 200 games for $4.99 a month. New titles are added almost every week. And there are never in-app purchases.

Source: BlueLine Studios