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Get $15 off SwitchBot and turn your dumb lock into a smart one


The SwitchBot Lock fits over your existing
The SwitchBot Lock fits over your existing "dumb" lock.
Photo: SwitchBot

Users who aren’t ready to to take the plunge into full home-automation system like HomeKit and related accessories have another option to make a dumb lock smarter.

SwitchBot recently launched a new version of SwitchBot Lock. The company said it’s the best way to make a door lock smart without refitting, so users can lock or unlock their door via devices like iPhone or Apple Watch.

Better yet, right now you can get 15% off on Amazon, or about $15 off the $100 price.

Get 15% off SwitchBot, which turns your dumb lock into a smart lock without refitting

The new SwitchBot Lock doesn’t need any refit on the current lock to make it “smart.” SwitchBot Lock uses 3M VHB to stick to the door and has a thumb-turn adapter to control the thumb-turn knob to lock or unlock, the company said.

SwitchBot Lock supports Bluetooth. You can use the SwitchBot App on a smartphone or Apple Watch to control it. And the device’s automated-lock feature secures the door when you leave the house.

Supports remote control and voice assistant

By adding a SwitchBot Hub Mini, users can unlock or lock remotely. That lets them let a family member or a friend through a door even when they’re not home.

The system support Siri Shortcuts plus Google and Alexa voice assistants. which can to lock or unlock the devices. Users simply tell the voice assistant their pre-set password before opening the door, SwitchBot said.

SwitchBot Keypad for passwords or fingerprints

SwitchBot recently launched a Keypad and Keypad Touch device to work with SwitchBot Lock. The Keypad allows users to input a password to work the lock. Keypad Touch lets users input a password or use their fingerprints. It is also possible to create and share temporary passwords.

The Keypad Touch sits on the outside the door and houses a 9-digit keypad, lock button for instant security when leaving, and an enter key.

Below that, a fingerprint reader will unlock the door quickly without the need to enter a key code.

Additionally, the SwitchBot Lock comes with an NFC card that can be registered, making it possible to just tap the card to the lock and instantly gain access.

SwitchBot Lock features:

  • Compatible with most deadbolt locks.
  • Can lock and unlock 50,000 times, roughly equal to 5 years of usage.
  • 6 months of battery life
  • Widget control: no need to open the App, just lock or unlock on the smartphone’s home screen.
  • Lock/unlock notification: Get notified when the door is open or locked.
  • Bank-security level data encryption

The Switchbot Lock is available on Amazon for $99.99. But an extra 15 percent discount is available using code 15G358WY until September 16, making the lock just $85. The Keypad Touch, $59.99, and standard Keypad, $29.99, can also be discounted using the same code on Amazon or on the SwitchBot website, the company said.

Where to buy: Amazon or SwitchBot