Believe it or not, 'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' is based on a true story [Trailer]

Believe it or not, The Greatest Beer Run Ever is based on a true story [Trailer]


Believe it or not, 'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' is based on a true story [Trailer]
Zac Efron stars in a coming-of-age story about war and beer. But mostly war.
Image: Apple TV+

Chickie Donohue had a great idea: He wanted to bring some beer to his friends fighting in the Vietnam War. Surprisingly, it didn’t go well.

What is truly amazing is that Chickie’s story is based on real events. And it’s being turned into a coming-of-age tale called The Greatest Beer Run Ever, starring Zac Efron, which will debut September 30 on Apple TV+.

A trailer previewing Chickie’s crazy experiences premiered Wednesday.

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The Greatest Beer Run Ever: You can’t make this stuff up

It’s 1967, and New Yorker Chickie Donohue decides to show support for his neighborhood friends serving in Vietnam by traveling to the front line by himself to bring the soldiers a can of beer. His well-meaning journey quickly turns into the adventure of a lifetime as Chickie confronts the reality of the controversial war.

He turned his story into The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty, and War, a book that became a 2020 bestseller. And now it’s about to be a movie on Apple TV+.

It stars Zac Efron and Russell Crowe, and the director is Oscar-winner Peter Farrelly (Green Book). The screenplay is adapted by Peter Farrelly, Brian Currie and Pete Jones.

The Apple TV+ film will arrive in theaters on Friday, September 30, and on Apple’s streaming video service, too.