Improve your (and your partner's) sleep quality with this anti-snoring device

Improve your (and your partner’s) sleep quality with this anti-snoring device


An anti-snoring mouthpiece on a table.
This anti-snoring gadget can help you sleep better at night.
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Your Apple Watch can tell a lot about you — including how well you sleep at night. It offers insight into your sleeping habits, like how many REM cycles you go through each night, your average time in bed and your heart rate when you’re snoozing. You can even set sleep reminders.

But you know what it can’t tell you? Whether you’re snoring (although maybe your partner can answer that question better). If you wake to see your partner irritated in the morning, you may want to curb your snoring with VitalSleep, an anti-snoring device that’s on sale for $64.95 (regularly $99).

Enjoy a quieter, more restful sleep every night

Snoring occurs when your neck and throat muscles relax, with your tongue falling back, narrowing the airway. VitalSleep combats that by opening your airway throughout the night, which not only prevents snoring but improves your breathing, too. It’s designed to advance the jaw and tongue, effectively freeing the airway and stopping the unhealthy effects and sounds of snoring.

VitalSleep also features a patented Accu-Adjust system to deliver a personalized fit. You go through an easy boil-and-bite fitting process to create custom teeth impressions. (You can reheat and remold them if needed.)

Meanwhile, you can adjust the lower tray based on your snoring levels, allowing for individualized jaw advancements of up to 8mm. The device is made of medical-grade, FDA-cleared, hypoallergenic materials that have undergone strict biocompatibility and toxicology testing for your safety and comfort.

“I was tired of everyone complaining about my snoring. I found VitalSleep 4 weeks ago and haven’t snored since. I can’t recommend this product enough,” reads one 5-star review.

Save on the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

If you’re looking for a customizable snoring solution, the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is on sale for $64.95 (regularly $99) for a limited time.

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