Slap some color on almost any surface with these color-changing LEDs

Slap some color on almost any surface with these color-changing LEDs


Light up your garden or pool with 12 waterproof LEDs.
Light up your home and garden with this 12-pack of remote-operated LEDs.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Flowers aren’t the only way to add a pop of color to your garden. Whether you want a rainbow road or just some colorful flavor throughout your greenery, this 12-pack of decorative LED lights could be the next beautiful addition to your outdoor aesthetic.

With 16 rotating color options and a smart design, these outdoor LEDs are on sale for only $39.99 (regularly $79).

12 remote-operated color-changing LEDs

Add some color to your world with this 12-pack of LEDs. Each one can shift between 16 changing colors, four color modes and five brightness levels.

You can control the settings using one of the included smart RF remotes, which offer 213 feet of control distance. But the range isn’t the only cool thing about these little lights. The built-in magnet and suction cup design make it easy to attach them just about anywhere.

Each light runs on three AA batteries and provides 80 to 110 hours of illumination. You also can set schedules for your lights to automatically turn on, or use the two- and four-hour timers to control when your lights turn off so the batteries don’t run all day.

It’s not just dry land that could do with a little LED attention, either. These lights are all IP68 waterproof, so they’re safe to keep near your pool. You could toss a few lights near the water for a new look while you beat the heat, or slip one into your aquarium tank. Whatever the case, the remote range can reach up to 16 feet when your lights are underwater.

Save on decorative waterproof LED Lights

Add some color to your space outside. For a limited time, get a 12-pack of decorative, waterproof, battery-operated LED lights on sale for $39.99 (regularly $79).

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