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New stacked dual-screen display promises to jack up productivity


It's two stacked, adjustable 24-inch screens.
It's two stacked, adjustable 24-inch screens.
Photo: Mobile Pixels

Mobile Pixels started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign Wednesday for Geminos, its new stacked, dual-screen desktop monitor intended to enhance workstations.

This follows last month’s launch of the LG DualUp, a 28-inch screen with a 16:18 aspect ratio, somewhat like two stacked screens in one.

The products aren’t quite the same, but could this be the start of a trend toward tall, oddly shaped monitors?

Mobile Pixels launches Geminos, a stacked, dual-screen desktop monitor

Massachusetts-based Mobile Pixels said this is its fifth crowdfunding campaign for Geminos. Three of its last four campaigns have topped $1 million.

The company said the stacked dual-screen desktop monitor is connected “via a linkage system.” The two 24-inch, 1080p monitors stack in landscape mode.

The top monitor slides up and down, and the bottom monitor pivots in and out to create a bent visual appearance to the surface, which the company said maximizesproductivity and comfort.

The press materials offer justification for the product:

Research shows that using dual monitors boosts productivity. However, using side-by-side desktop monitors isn’t always optimal because of the large gap between the monitors, diminishing the view. The side-by-side setup also spans outside of people’s peripheral vision which can lead to neck strain.

Adjustable screens, webcam, USB-C hub

Geminos’ stacked, ergonomic design is adjustable, so people can maximize productivity comfortably, whether sitting or standing.

The all-inclusive display setup includes a built-in HD webcam for video conferencing, speakers and a USB hub that’s capable of USB-C pass-through charging for a laptop.

“Geminos addresses the two most important needs people have when they’re working: increasing productivity and comfort,” said Jack Yao, co-founder of Mobile Pixels. “The ergonomic, stacked dual-screen monitors Geminos provides is a game changer for any setup!”

Geminos is easy to set up, the company said. Simply remove it from the box, fold open the displays, plug in the monitor and get to work.

Geminos’ workstation includes a USB hub on the back of the monitor, creating a docking station to help eliminate messy wires and clutter. The USB hub includes a SD/TF Card slot, two USB-A ports and a USB-C port. With 100W USB-C pass-through charging capability, people can charge a laptop in just 1 to 2 hours.

Geminos is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It can be used for work on a laptop or desktop as well as for gaming on XBox and Playstation.

Price: Super early-bird is $499, early-bird is $699.

Where to preorder: Kickstarter