Does hyped new Android phone hide Apple logo in plain sight?

Does hyped new Android phone hide Apple logo in plain sight?


Does hyped new Android phone hide Apple logo in plain sight?
Cover up a couple of the LEDs in the Nothing Phone's "glyph" and and what's left is an abstract version of the Apple logo.
Photo: Nothing/Cult of Mac

The just-launched Nothing Phone (1) is drawing a tremendous amount of attention even though it’s only a mid-range Android with some glowing bits. Android fans seem to really like the LED design on the back, but maybe they haven’t noticed that it’s mostly an Apple logo.

Intentional homage? Accident? Definitely hilarious!

Standout Nothing Phone (1) feature is mostly an Apple logo

The Nothing Phone (1) drew a tremendous amount of attention, possibly because Nothing founder Carl Pei is very skilled at advertising. He slowly revealed a scattering of details about the device over months, generating enormous hype.

But what was actually announced is an Android 12 handset with a 6.55-inch 2400-by-1080 OLED screen, mid-range processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. And it’s not coming to the United States.

But fans overlook the meh specs because they’re fascinated with the “glyph,” a glowing design on the back behind a glass sheet. “When the ‘glyph’ flashes to signal a notification or an incoming call, then you definitely know this is something else,” says The Verge. “It’s the definition of attention-grabbing.”

But a Mac and iPhone developer made an interesting observation on Twitter. Cabel said, “I like the lights/design of the Nothing 1 phone, but ironically, all my brain can see here is an abstract Apple logo. The bite. The stem. Is it intentional?!”

Nothing Phone glyph hides an Apple logo
I challenge you to not see the Apple logo in the “glyph” from now on.
Photo: Nothing/Apple/Cult of Mac

As the developer notes, cover up a couple of the LEDs and what’s left is an abstract version of the Apple logo. The bite is in the right place – the stem is at the same angle. Uncover the LEDs and it looks like Nothing’s handset spells out “C !”

And Cabal raises a good question: did Nothing intend to hide the Apple logo in the glyph? Or is is an accident?

Whatever the reason, building a reminder of Apple into the handset surely isn’t good news for the Nothing Phone (1) because the glyph is the only standout feature. The Verge described the device by saying, “Unusual back panel, usual everything else.” Ars Technica called it “a mid-ranger, with some lights on the back.” Lights that make a rival company’s logo.

At least it offers a good laugh.