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Get all the Mac productivity apps you need in one bundle — for life


Get more out of life with Lunatask's productivity-boosting features.
Get more out of life with Lunatask's productivity-boosting features.
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Productivity apps can definitely help you stay on top of the dizzying array of tasks in the modern world. But when you use a different app for every endeavor, you end up wasting precious time.

All-in-one productivity app Lunatask bundles a to-do list, a notebook, a habit tracker, a Pomodoro timer and a journaling app into one neat hub to keep you focused. And for a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription for only $49 (regularly $180).

Track your tasks, schedule, habits and mood

For Mac users, Lunatask could be the key to getting ahead of schedule. If you already rely on these types of productivity tools, Lunatask offers you an incredible level convenience. On the other hand, if you’ve never used features like a Pomodoro timer, you could be amazed at how much your productivity improves.

It’s not just that Lunatask can do the work of all these different apps. It brings together the best of standard productivity tools and improves upon them.

For instance, you don’t just get a to-do list. You get the ability to schedule tasks, track your status, set a work-in-progress limit and more. And the calendar lets you block time for tasks and habits, create notes from templates or join meetings directly from your calendar.

Lunatask could help you cultivate lifelong positive working habits like task prioritization and understanding your distractions. Learn to monitor your bad habits, create routines and set reminder notifications to keep you on track.

Even if you’re already a heavy users of productivity apps, Lunatask’s mood tracker and notes functions might be more advanced than what you’re used to. With the mood tracker, you can watch trends in your energy level, update a daily journal and more. And finally, you can create password-protected notebooks with sharing, tagging, markdown support and even the ability to attach moods to help you track your feelings at the time.

As with every facet of this app, you can secure your information so only you can access it.

Save on a lifetime Lunatask Premium subscription

Your productivity app should do as much as you do. For a limited time, get a lifetime subscriptino to Lunatask Premium on sale for $49 (regularly $180).

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