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Take stunning selfies without touching your iPhone using this little drone


This drone is great for pictures.
During Deal Days, you can get a drone that snaps selfies of you as it flies.
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There are only so many ways you can hold your iPhone and smile. If your selfie game is starting to feel dull, there might be a fly-by solution that can capture candid photos from angles your elbows couldn’t dream of.

The Air Neo Selfie Camera Drone can snap pictures of you automatically while it zooms around. And during Deal Days, it’s on sale for only $129.99 (regularly $159) — no coupon code required.

Air Neo lets you take selfies hands-free

Imagine you’re out hiking with friends. The view is beautiful, and the light is perfect. Instead of dropping everything to whip out your iPhone and snap an inevitably staged-looking self-portrait, you can release your Air Neo to snap a few pictures for you.

This little drone has multiple flying modes that can automatically capture different angles, so you can go about your business while taking candid shots.

Auto-Fly mode is simple. Just toss the Neo into the air, and it will fly back to you without a controller or smartphone. Pick the Wide option when you want the Neo to take two wide-angle shots from 5 feet away. That’s a great way to get full group shots.

Or you can capture a close-up using Zoom mode. That makes the Neo get two close-up shots from 2.5 feet away. It even uses artificial intelligence to frame the picture before capture. Then all that’s left is to enjoy your stunning photos.

You also aren’t stuck with still lifes. In Video mode, the Air Neo will fly 2.5 feet away and shoot 15 seconds of HD video of you. So strike a pose, do a dance or bust out a quippy one-liner.

If these modes aren’t enough, you can access even more with the app, including several distant shots and videos that the Neo rotates around you to capture. And you get all this from a drone smaller than an iPhone and roughly the weight of a golf ball.

Take your selfies to the skies

Our Deal Days event ends July 14, 2022, so purchase the Air Neo Selfie Camera Drone on sale for only $129.99 (regularly $159) before then!

Prices subject to change.