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Check Out This Big Ass Bumper Case For iPhone 4 [Review]



That’s right folks the Impactband from BaseOneLabs, LLC. is one big ass iPhone 4 bumper case and it will work with all iPhone models including the one coming soon from Verizon.

The plethora of cases offered for the iPhone 4 have several things in common since most of them offer some level of protection and the ability to absorb the shock of an impact if dropped. The level of protection varies, but the Impactband has a unique way of protecting your iPhone 4.

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What is it?

The Impactband is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and it extends itself over and around the sides of the iPhone 4 to help prevent the glass surfaces from touching the ground. You can see this in the comparison above between the Impactband and Apple’s own iPhone bumper case. It is designed to protect the iPhone 4 when dropped from a considerable height.

I believe it is capable of achieving this because the case extends all the way around the iPhone 4 in such a way that when using the touch screen I had the feeling of reaching into something. Kind of like sticking your hand inside of a depression and noticing the difference between it and the surface around it. The sides stick outwards far enough to make it feel awkward when touching the screen, but after a while I got used to it.

Therefore while the iPhone 4 is encased in the Impactband it will prevent the sides, back, front, or buttons from striking the surface as long as that surface it flat and even. I theorize that if you dropped it onto an uneven gravel road or rocky mountain slope you might see different results. Although I didn’t test this theory it makes sense and all the test videos show the iPhone 4 being dropped onto a flat paved surface from a height of up to 16 feet. So considering all that mountain climbers and others hanging out on bumpy surfaces might consider a different case.

Just like any case there is no 100% guarantee that your iPhone 4 is protected from damage all the time. However, the test drops by the company show that the iPhone 4 could withstand drops from various heights and still remain in working order. The company offers a money back guarantee for the case if you decide that you do not like it.

What’s Good?

I think this case will work fine for those certain times in my life where I want some protection for my iPhone 4, but not as much protection as I get with my Ballistic case. I think I’d prefer it over Apple’s case if I were to choose between the two bumpers. Apple’s is pretty and functional, but I seriously doubt it offers the same protection as the Impactband.

The Impactband comes in only one color – black and it sells for $25.00 which is $4.00 less than Apple’s. It is definitely worth a look and will offer far more protection than what Apple offers. I’ve added it to my rotating iPhone 4 case collection to pull out and use for those times when I don’t need my Ballistic case.

What’s Bad?

The only thing missing is a holster and the only thing I really didn’t like about the case was the fact that the dock adapter slot doesn’t accommodate all docking cables especially if the dock connector is too thick. The latter issue prevents me from using this case every day, since I’m not exactly excited about having to pull it off to charge my iPhone 4 every night and I don’t want to replace my extra long 3-Meter USB to Dock cable from Griffin Technology.


The Impactband one big bad ass bumper case for your iPhone 4 and it will work with the Verizon iPhone 4. If you are a bad ass, rough and tumble, or just prone to dropping things then you might want to check this case out.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]
Company: BaseOneLabs, LLC.
Compatibility: iPhone 4 (AT&T or Verizon)
List Price: $25.00
Buy Now: The Impactband is available from Amazon for $25.00 with free shipping.


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