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Your partner will love this snore-stopping gadget that connects to your iPhone


Stop snoring and track your sleep with this iPhone app and gadget combo.
This $99 gadget can stop your snoring and turns your iPhone into a sleep tracker.
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Snoring doesn’t slow down time, but anyone sharing a room with a snorer will feel like the night crawled by. It’s downright annoying! Luckily, we might have a way to stop snoring.

The Snore Circle YA4200 is an electronic muscle stimulator that can reduce or completely eliminate your snoring. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $99.99 (regularly $119).

Stop snoring the easy way

Snoring happens when your airways relax during sleep. Your muscles relax, your airway narrows and, as you breathe, your throat vibrates. This causes that familiar snoring sound that may have woken you up before. And if you haven’t heard it, anyone who has slept near you can describe it.

Using the Snore Circle, you can give yourself (and your partner) a chance at healthy, quiet rest. This little sleep gadget works by stimulating the muscles in your chin using EMA+TENS technology, basically producing a light, harmless electrical current that stimulates your nerves. You can choose between 30 intensity levels to find your sweet spot that stops snoring and keeps you sleeping peacefully.

Using the Snore Circle is simple. It comes with a special conductive strap that attaches to your chin. Stick that on, then attach the Snore Circle. Pick your intensity level and get to sleep. It may feel strange at first, but a bedtime ritual like this can actually help you fall asleep more easily over time. The Snore Circle app will monitor how often you snore and determine if you need to change the intensity.

If you’ve been snoring for a long time, you may not realize how much better you’ll sleep when you aren’t listening to the song of your own throat for eight hours. Just put on the Snore Circle and drift off quietly to sleep.

Save on Snore Circle anti-snoring device

Put your snoring to rest. For a limited time, you can get the Snore Circle YA4200 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus on sale for $99.99 (regularly $119).

Prices subject to change.