'Disney Mirrorverse' opens whole new world of violence to iPhone gamers

Disney Mirrorverse opens whole new world of violence to iPhone gamers


'Disney Mirrorverse' offers a whole new world of violence to iPhone gamers
The just-released Disney Mirrorverse is darker than the company's usual games.
Photo: Kabam/Disney

Disney Mirrorverse takes classic characters in a darker direction. Alternate-reality versions of these screen icons have to team up face a “dark, unrelenting threat.”

The free-to-play action team-based action RPG debuted Thursday in the App Store.

Disney Mirrorverse targets an older audience

The House of Mouse offers plenty of games, but these are typically for a younger audience. Disney Mirrorverse aims higher – it’s for ages 12 and up.

The game invites players to “enter a divergent universe featuring Disney and Pixar characters that have been amplified and empowered to defend against a dark, unrelenting threat.” That’s not Donald Duck Learns about Fractions.

Players looking for a fighter can be “an armored-up Sulley,” in the developer’s words. Or choose “the ultimate personal-battle companion Baymax.” And don’t assume the only options are traditional heroes. The “vengeful draconic mage Maleficient” is a playable character.

In the game, “players unite teams of powerful Guardians to battle together through an ever-evolving narrative of epic quests to defeat the Fractured forces seeking to shatter the Mirrorverse,” according to Disney.

A trailer gives background and demos some of the action:

Start the battle today

Disney Mirrorverse is available now for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. (There’s also an Android version.) While the game is free to download and play, Disney offers in-app purchases that range in price from 99 cents to $24.99.

It was created by Kabam in collaboration with Disney and Pixar Games.

Fan of the game might also check out Disney Melee Mania, which pits beloved characters in an all-out brawl.