Digitimes Says iPad 2 Will Have Retina Display, While Moore’s Law Says It Won’t



The scarcely, randomly reputable boys over at Digitimes are recycling weeks-old rumors by insisting that one of their sources from inside AAPL’s component supply chain says that the iPad 2 will boast a Retina Display.

Well, no, it jolly well won’t. But just in case that doesn’t convince you, how about some extrapolation due Moore’s Law?

That’s just what Avery Pennarun has done, and his findings totally rule out the notion of a Retina Display in the iPad 2. According to Pennarun’s logic, we won’t have a Retina Display in the iPad until the iPad 4 if Apple holds out for 330ppi (as in the iPhone 4), but we could have one by 2012 if they’re willing to settle for 264ppi.

In other words, the Retina Display isn’t coming until the iPad 3, which is in-keeping with Apple’s policy of radically overhauling its iOS devices roughly every two years. Makes sense to me.