Recharge anywhere with Bluetti’s new ultraportable solar power station


Take your tune and everything else outside. Way outside.
Take your tunes and everything else outside. Way outside.
Photo: Bluetti

This solar power station post is brought to you by Bluetti.

Here’s some good news for campers and RV enthusiasts, as well as anyone who likes to have ready backup power. Bluetti jolted CES 2022 with news in January it would soon launch its ultraportable power station EB3A Solar Generator with 268Wh capacity and 600W inverter. Well, now that time has come.

The company said the lightweight EB3A power station and an available solar input that lets you stay powered up almost anywhere will go on sale June 14.

And even better, an early bird price could get you 23% off!

Bluetti powers up lightweight EB3A Solar Generator on June 14 at 10 p.m. EDT

Bluetti first promoted the EB3A Solar Generator at CES 2022. And now it will officially go on sale in the U.S. on June 14, 10 p.m. EDT.

The new unit enhances Bluetti’s power station line with refinements and feature enhancements that make it a reliable power source for use in camping and on RV trips. It will easily keep all your essential devices powered up.

And at a mere 10 pounds, the new generator is easy to carry around or take on a trip. The price is also on the light side, making it easy to afford.

But more in the heavyweight category, the EB3A delivers an impressive 268Wh capacity and 600W pure sine-wave inverter output.

The generator can charge at up to a 268W rate in standard mode and up to a 430W rate in Turbo charging mode. And that same Turbo rate applies to recharging the EB3A from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Bluetti said the EB3A uses only the safest, most stable and most-prolonged-lifespan LiFeP04 battery technology. It optimizes portability by providing AC charging via a single industry-standard AC cable, with no power brick required.

Finally, you can keep tabs on and control the generator with the Bluetti app via Bluetooth. And the unit’s firmware updates over-the-air via Wi-Fi.

Bluetti EB3A: Charging your solar generator couldn't be much easier.
Charging your solar generator couldn’t be much easier.
Photo: Bluetti

How to charge the Bluetti EB3A Solar Generator

There are multiple ways to charge the EB3A, so you can always stay powered up and ready to go. You can recharge it via AC charging cable, solar power, your car’s power, or generator — that is, via DC solar and AC sources simultaneously. That’s particularly important for those on the go, living in remote locations or experiencing limited access to power sources.

Bluetti offers three AC charging modes for the EB3A. For example, charging Silent mode allows you to sleep easy because the fan won’t start up.

  • Turbo up to 430W
  • Standard up to 268W
  • Silent up to 100W

All the output ports you need to charge 9 devices at once

The EB3A power station lets you charge up to nine devices at once. It has two AC outlets that can put out 600W plus two regular USB-A ports and one 100W USB-C port, which allows a MacBook to charge at full speed.

EB3A can accommodate almost all electronic devices for outdoor travel, emergency, disasters and other scenarios. Those include your smartphone, laptop and digital camera, of course.

LiFePO4 = longer battery life span

For the EB3A and other products, Bluetti adopted the LiFePO4 battery cell for long-term durability. It ensure 2,500+ charging cycles to 80% of its original capacity.

Compared to the lithium-ion battery that many power stations and battery banks use, the LiFePO4 battery type can charge faster, last longer and offer optimal safety.

Bluetti solar power station: The updated display makes monitoring power easy.
The updated display makes monitoring power easy.
Photo: Bluetti

Bluetti app and new LCD screen

Thanks to the Bluetti app, you can operate and monitor the EB3A on your phone anytime and even update the hardware. The firmware can also be updated directly via Wi-Fi.

The EB3A features a brand new LCD screen to display important info like remaining capacity percentage, recharge time, and input/output power more clearly and intuitively than before.

Secure operation

From hardware selection to software design, Bluetti said it made security a priority. The generators built-in Battery Management System (BMS) improves battery utilization.

It extends battery service life through short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection and other functions.

Bluetti EB3A power statoin: You can add solar input and pretty much go off the grid.
You can add solar input and pretty much go off the grid.
Photo: Bluetti

Powerlifting mode and UPS bypass mode

Under powerlifting mode, the EB3A can power up to 1200W “resistive” devices, such as hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, kettles and resistive heaters.

And UPS bypass mode allows the AC power to directly support the loads on AC output ports and charge the EB3A. So you get some UPS-type power pass-through and continuous-power features as an extra.

Order now for early bird pricing!

Bluetti will launch the EB3A Solar Generator on its official website on June 14 and start shipping as soon as one week later. And if you act fast and join the Bluetti official Facebook group or subscribe to the Bluetti newsletter on the website for the latest product information, you become eligible for the solar generator’s early bird price (23% off) when it launches in two weeks.


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