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Get a grip with colorful silicone iPhone 13 cases


Elago's silicone iPhone 13 cases offer great protection and firm grip.
Elago's silicone iPhone 13 cases offer great protection and firm grip.
Photo: Elago

Some folks like to carry their iPhones around without cases, given that the handsets are pretty solid these days on their own. But should you really take that chance? Just imagine that extremely expensive iPhone 13 slipping out of your hand and hitting the pavement.

That’s not something you want to happen. Your whole life is on that thing.

But it’s a whole lot less likely to occur if you have an iPhone 13 case that offers a great grip, like Elago’s protective and delightfully colorful silicone cases. They’re a great deal in the Cult of Mac Store — they cost far less than Apple’s similar cases.

Elago Silicone iPhone Case 13 Series: Great protection, grip and color selection

Many iPhone cases are mass-produced, but Elago takes pride in the fact that it designs its cases in house from scratch. That way, the company can offer cases it knows will fit perfectly, offer solid drop protection and look great. And you can rest assured you won’t need to keep looking for other iPhone cases and spending more money.

Elago uses liquid silicone to make this iPhone case series. The material adds great grip and protection to your iPhone 13 along with a splash of color. So your iPhone is less likely to slip out of your hand, but if it does, it stands a good chance of not breaking. And whatever happens, it will look good.

Elago’s silicone cases offer full coverage for your iPhone 13. The case covers all sides of the handset, including the bottom and the buttons. A raised lip helps protect the screen and camera assembly against scratches from direct surface contact.

Even better, the case is compatible with wireless charging, so you won’t have to take it off to charge your phone.

And because the Cult of Mac Store recently added new colors for these cases, you have a baker’s dozen of hues to choose from. That’s 13 colors, from basic black and white to more exotic options, like Hot Pink, Jean Indigo and Midnight Green. However, not every color may be available for every iPhone model (iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max).

Pricing for the cases starts at $13.99 for some colors. Others cost $15.99. And please note, Elago products ship to the U.S. only.

Price: $13.99 or $15.99

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store