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Grab Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack with a sweet discount


Apple MagSafe Battery Pack
Get Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack with a sweet 12% discount on Amazon
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Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series is down to $86.99 on Amazon after a 12% discount.

The battery pack retails for $99, so you are saving $12.01 here.

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MagSafe Battery Pack makes charging your iPhone a breeze

Thanks to MagSafe, Apple’s battery pack can magnetically snap to the back of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and start charging it. The accessory was limited to wirelessly charging iPhones at 5W speed. However, post a firmware update late last month, the MagSafe Battery Pack can now wirelessly charge iPhones at speeds of up to 7.5W.

The MagSafe Battery Pack will automatically charge your iPhone, and there’s no need to turn it on/off. Additionally, you can check its remaining battery percentage right from your iPhone’s lock screen.

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is compatible with the entire range of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, including the mini and Max-sized devices.

What makes Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack special is that it can be wirelessly charged using your iPhone — just plug a Lightning cable into your iPhone with the battery pack attached to the back. This will wirelessly charge your iPhone at speeds of up to 15W as well as the power bank. With a charger higher than 20W, you can charge the battery pack and your iPhone even faster.

Get Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack with a 12% discount

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack retails for $99. Amazon, however, is offering a 12% discount, so you can grab it for $86.99 — a saving of $12.01.

You must be using your iPhone naked or have a MagSafe-compatible case for Apple’s battery pack to attach to it magnetically. And if you need a new case, you are in luck. Amazon is offering discounts of up to 20% on Apple’s official MagSafe Silicone Case for the iPhone 13 series.

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