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This vacuum/mop combo is perfect for clearning hard floors


This mop is also a vacuum.
This vacuum mops the floor with the competition.
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On almost any list you’ll find, mopping and vacuuming are some of the most-hated household chores. Between the wet floor, the dust in the air and the noise, it can be a total drag. Not to mention dealing with the vacuum cord is practically its own chore.

That’s why the Jashen F16 cordless wet and dry vacuum mop combines and improves upon normal mops and vacuums, placing both in one battery-powered package. And the price has dropped to $279.99 (regularly $299) through May 20!

Wet/dry vacuum and mop

The Jashen F16 offers the best of two worlds. You get a high-efficiency vacuum that can suck up large particles swiftly. And you get a mop that doesn’t require a filthy bucket.

Its battery will power you through 30 minutes of operation time (and about 120 square meters of coverage). Plus, you can clean virtually any hard-surface floor in very little time. Traditional vacuums can barely touch grease on tile, but the Jashen can work through wet and dry messes with no problem. In less than two minutes, you could clean the stubborn spots from your kitchen floor.

When it comes to cleaning, convenience comes second only to efficiency. If something works well and gets the job done right, it’s a treasure, and that’s exactly what you get here. The Jashen F16 weighs only 9 pounds, so you can maneuver it with precision without getting overly tired.

And when you’re done cleaning, the hybrid vacuum/mop will take care of itself. Its unique drying system stops mold from developing in the tanks, as can happen with other vacuum cleaners. The dual tanks separate clean and dirty water. And the Jashen’s self-cleaning function activates with the touch of a button.

Save on Jashen F16 cordless vacuum/mop

Clean your hard floors without making a day of it. Get the Jashen F16 2-in-1 cordless wet/dry vacuum mop while the price has dropped to $279.99 (regularly $299). Deal ends May 20!

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