Are These Palm’s Upcoming webOS Tablets?



This render is supposed to be Hewlett-Packard/Palm’s upcoming web tablet — or rather, two tablets.

According to Engadget, HP/Palm is working on a pair of tablets for launch February 9 and available later this year, likely September.

There’s a 9-inch webOS tablet codenamed Topaz and a 7-inch model named Opal, which will be pitched as an e-reader.

They feature a front-facing camera, micro USB port and a Touchstone back for wireless charging. There may be versions for different carriers: WiFi-only, AT&T 3G, and Verizon LTE in September; AT&T LTE in July 2012.

Most interestingly, the tabs are buttonless. There’s no Home button. The Home button is something that Apple is also interested in doing away with — and Apple has just introduced system-wide multitouch gestures in the latest iOS beta.