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Try BluShark’s smooth and supple nylon Apple Watch bands


This is the BluShark AlphaPremier nylon Apple Watch band in
This is the BluShark AlphaPremier nylon Apple Watch band in "Bond" (that's as in James Bond, a classic black and gray stripe combo).
Photo: BluShark

Just like your watch face says something about your personality, so does your watch strap. The color, texture and pattern all mean something to you and those who catch a glance of your wrist. That’s where BluShark’s top nylon watch straps, the AlphaPremier collection, comes in.

And they’re not just for classic analog watches. BluShark has a whole lineup of smooth, comfortable AlphaPremier Apple Watch bands in stock in the Cult of Mac Store.

BluShark AlphaPremier Apple Watch bands

The BluShark AlphaPremier Apple Watch band collection features eight color variations in the Cult of Mac Store. You can look at each one at the links below.

One of BluShark’s flagship collections, AlphaPremier Apple Watch straps are made from the same soft, supple seatbelt weave as BluShark AlphaPremier straps for analog watches.

The company’s highest-quality nylon straps, they’re a favorite among traditional watch wearers and smart watch folks alike. Though sometimes overlooked in favor of stainless steel, leather or silicone, nylon makes a great watch strap. It’s comfortable, lightweight and durable.

The dual-layer straps are held in place with two nylon keepers, one of which can be slid into the perfect spot for a comfortable fit.

Material: Seatbelt weave nylon

Colors: Black, navy blue, grayBengal (black and orange stripes), samurai (gray and red stripes), Bond (black and gray stripes), Pepsi (red and blue stripes) and rainbow.

Sizing: Small fits 38mm or 41mm Apple Watch (22mm band width). Large fits 42mm or 45mm Apple Watch (22mm band width).

Adapter: Available in silver, space gray and black colors.

Price: $32

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store