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New Eufy smart scale could be your closest health adviser


It does more than weigh you.
It does more than weigh you.
Photo: Dufy

A smart scale sitting on the bathroom floor is never going to replace your doctor — or at least, not yet. But devices like the new Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro do more in the realm of health than just weigh you.

You may not be in a big hurry to find out about things like your bone mass, but at least you can if you want or need to. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro

Coming out Friday, the next-generation smart scale from Anker’s Eufy brand can measure 16 different body characteristics. They include body weight, of course, but also heart rate, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, water content, bone mass and more.

Eufy said the device’s weight measurements are accurate to 0.1 pounds. And a mode for measuring babies and pets helps you get accurate readings even on the lighter side of things.

The scale works via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It pairs with the EufyLife app, where all of your data is easily accessible on your iPhone, synced with Apple Health.

In the app, a 3D U-Body model lets you enter your body measurements to create a virtual model. That can help you visualize changes to your body over time as you work on your overall health.

The Eufy Smart Scale P2 pro costs $59.99. It’s available now in the U.K. (49.99 pounds). It comes out in the U.S. on Friday and will probably be in the Eufy store on Amazon soon.

Price: $59.99

Where to buy: Eufy