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Go off-grid with Anker’s new portable power station


Need to live in the woods for a while? This could help.
Need to live in the woods for a while? This could help.
Photo: Anker

Whether you’ve suffered a power outage, decided to go on a camping trip or finally realized you need to ditch civilization once and for all, Anker’s burly new 757 PowerHouse portable power station can help.

With a powerful battery and loads of ports, it’s for anytime you go off-grid.

Anker 757 Portable Power Station

Anker, which recently debuted its first 3D printer, rolled out the new 757 PowerHouse Tuesday for preorders about a month after it released the 535 PowerHouse, a 512 watt-hour battery with numerous charging and power ports.

The Anker 757 PowerHouse eclipses the 535’s available energy, with 1,229 watt-hours and up to 1,500 watts of output power.

Anker said the 757 is made to last for at least 3,000 complete charge cycles and 50,000 hours of use. It comes with a five-year warranty.

The new station features Anker’s HyperFlash bi-directional inverter technology. You can charge the battery from 0% to 80% in about an hour.

Truly off-grid with solar panel support

It will support Anker’s upcoming 625 Solar Panel, too. Daisy-chaining three panels together can generate up to 300W, enough to charge the 757 Power Station to 80% in a little over three and a half hours.

The 757 station includes six AC outlets, one 100W USB-C port, one 60W USB-C port and four 12W USB-A ports. It also has a 120W car cigarette lighter/12V port.

It weighs in at a hefty 43.8 pounds (19.9 kg) — with a hefty price to match — but for users who require a ton of power on the move, it provides a versatile option.

The Anker 757 Portable Power Station launches May 9. As an early-bird discount, you can pledge $10 through May 8 and get $200 off the retail price of the power station once orders begin.

Price: $1,399

Where to pledge for discount: Anker