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Perfect your swing with this high-tech golf training gadget, now less than $70 


Get a PGA pro trainer in your pocket with this discounted gadget.
Take your golf game to the next level with this training gadget.
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Taking your golf game to the next level is easier than ever thanks to a new generation of training gadgets. One of the best out there is the Caddie View Golf Training System, and right now it’s on sale for just $69.99.

A high-tech golf training gadget

In the old days, golfers looking to improve their games would need to ask a friend to watch their swing and offer an opinion. Or, they could hire an expensive camera operator to record their swing to review later.

This high-tech system eliminates all that hassle, making golf training easier than ever.

Simply take the Caddie View along with you next time you play. Clip the lightweight Caddie View remote to your belt, pocket or hat, and connect to the companion app on your smartphone.

Then, place your smartphone on the sturdy tripod, which extends up to 36 inches to give you a perfect view of your stroke, no matter the hole, surface or course. Squeeze the remote to record videos and photos of your swing.

You can analyze each swing — and compare it to pros’ form — so you gain the greatest insight into your golf fundamentals that you’ve ever had. With this great device, knowing how to up your game is made clearer than ever before.

Analyze your golf stroke

The app allows you to drill down into your stroke, and how to improve it, like never before. You can draw lines, rectangles and angles to analyze your swing in fast or slow motion. And you can follow more than 100 tutorial videos from the app’s own pro PGA coaches.

Yes, you could consider this your own personal PGA trainer in your pocket.

Then, when you’re ready to show off your improvements? You can export the photos and videos from the app so you can post to social media with just a tap.

Save on Caddie View Golf Training System

Not only can you grab the Caddie View in classic black right now, but it’s also on sale for the same sale price in white gray and gray colors. All you need to do is choose the look that suits you and your clubs.

Perfect your swing with the Caddie View Golf Training System: Stick, Control & App in black, white gray or gray for $69.99 now.

Prices subject to change.