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M1 Max MacBook drives engineer’s dual-display, dual-HomePod rig [Setups]


What do you make of the inspirational plaques on the walls around this M1 Max MacBook Pro-driven setup?
What do you make of the inspirational plaques on the walls around this M1 Max MacBook Pro-driven setup?
Photo: apple_tech_admin@Reddit.com

We haven’t seen a tremendous number of computer setups centered on powerhouse 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pros — much less such workstations featuring both dual displays and paired original HomePods!

But today’s featured setup is an exception. It boasts those impressive characteristics as well as a useful lesson about not judging a book by its cover as well as striving to be kind online.

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M1 Max MacBook Pro, 2 displays, 2 original HomePods, 1 valuable lesson

Powerful laptop with 2 high-end displays and 2 big HomePods

Redditor apple_tech_admin (“ATA”) discussed his setup in a post titled, “M1 Max Work from Home Setup.”

As a senior enterprise engineer, he runs a 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro with 32GB of integrated memory along with a pair of 27-inch LG Ultragear displays and two original (large) paired HomePods for big stereo sound. Though not longer made, the big HomePods can still be found online at places like eBay.

We all know the M1 Max MacBook Pro puts across a lot of power. ATA used his to replace a late-model Mac Pro. Here’s how he described his impressions of how the switch has worked out:

I got the 32 gig. I actually ‘downsized’ from a 2019 Mac Pro with 96 gigs of RAM and there’s no doubt about it: the M1 Max outclasses it in many aspects. Startup/shutdown is night and day faster. Apps open almost instantaneously (even those not optimized for Apple Silicon), and the unified memory usage is far better. Battery life is FANTASTIC! That being said, most people should get the M1 or the M1 Pro. Unless you’re doing extremely graphic intensive work, the benefits from M1 Max won’t fully be realized.

Another commenter asked what he did with the Mac Pro, which had an Intel chip in it.

“I sold it and bought the current setup,” ATA replied. “Not being able to virtualize x86 operating systems was a huge loss, but my video and audio workflow dramatically improved with the M1 Max over the Intel Mac Pro.”

The setup’s dual monitors are no joke, either. ATA has a pair of high-specced 27-inch LG Ultragear 27GN95-B displays.

“After experiencing ProMotion on the internal display, I wanted a high-DPI monitor with fast refresh rates,” he said. “These have VRR/144hz refresh rate and 4K. The HDR function is a tidbit lacking, but overall very good monitors. Highly recommend.”

Notably, ATA also runs a slick videoconferencing operation, though he doesn’t name the webcam or the microphone on a desk mount. But you can’t miss the impressive Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED lights.

Here's a closer look at the setup proper. We envy those paired original HomePods.
Here’s a closer look at the setup proper. We envy those paired original HomePods.
Photo: apple_tech_admin@Reddit.com

A valuable lesson

But despite the impressive setup, it was the decor — specifically inspirational plaques on the wall — that got some commenters going. The plaques say things like “Hustle,” “Grind,” “Execution” and “Urgency,” with definitions of the terms.

“The ‘successory’ cliches hung to the desk’s left kill an otherwise perfect setup,” said one observer. “They project strong douchebag energy and if taken down, the whole room improves, my friend.”

“They are the ‘live, laugh, love’ of ‘bros,'” said another.

“Imagine posting this on the internet unironically lmao,” added a third.

But then a more empathetic thread of comments unfurled.

“Whilst true, end of the day he’s the one staring at this setup day in and day out so if it makes him happy then just keep it there,” suggested one.

And then another commenter got to the heart of the matter. The Redditor, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), knew from past posts that ATA does, too.

While I get that what he has on his wall may seem tacky, there is a deeper reason for this. I remember this guy when he posted his setup a couple of months back. He has ADHD; I have it too, and having physical reminders like this helps a lot with the condition. Sustaining attention and focus comes by hard, and making our physical environment remind us of what we should be doing goes a long way.

I see ‘Execution’ twice (left and right side) and ‘Urgency’ on the right side. We have about 5-10 thoughts constantly running in our minds all day (starts the second we wake up), tons of ideas, and while we want to do all of these things, there are just too many of them; it gets overwhelming that we end up not doing any of it. He may have these words hung on his wall because they are physical reminders. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is twice accurate for us. Be kind on the internet. At least try to…

It was clear from ATA’s reply that he appreciated the sentiment.

You, my friend, are a beautiful soul. I never thought that wall panels could provoke such raw emotions! Those panels were intentionally chosen for the reasons you described above. I don’t think people truly understand how debilitating ADHD can be. I liken my brain to a car that struggles to get out of park. For me, those one-word reminders serve as triggers to break escapist tendencies that disrupt my day. I have a high-stress job with employees and a team that depends on me, regardless of my diagnosis. Urgency, grit, and execution are words I live by and use to overcome mental obstacles. I fail to see the big deal.

And a little mood lighting never hurts.
And a little mood lighting never hurts.
Photo: apple_tech_admin@Reddit.com

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