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Apple Books releases ‘tell-all’ tome about sinister company behind Severance


Apple Books has a
Apple Books has a "tell-all" about Lumon Industries and the "Severance" procedure.
Photo: Apple TV+

Don’t tell Lumon Industries I’m saying this — and later I may not even remember writing it — but Apple Books may be about to blow the lid off this whole “severance” thing.

On Friday it plans to release a “tell-all” book about the sinister company at the center of the chilling drama series Severance on Apple TV+.

‘Tell-all’ book about Lumon Industries and the ‘Severance’ procedure

The new book, planned for release today but not yet out, is titled Severance: The Lexington Letter. It’s presented as a tell-all from inside the offices of (fictional) Lumon Industries. It delves into the titular brain surgery seen on the Severance TV series, one month after the show’s premiere.

About the show, created by Dan Erikson and recently named the most-streamed series by Reelgood, from Apple TV+:

Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.

The new book’s author is one “Peg Kinkaid,” a Lumon employee who risks everything to expose the truth about the mysterious and seemingly sinister company.

Kincaid undergoes the Lumon’s controversial Severance surgical procedure, which, as described above, is a way to separate personal and work lives. The employee at home does not know anything about work and vice versa. The procedure is voluntary. And yet, as you may imagine, it can lead to regrets.

Just how far will the company to go to protect its secrets?

Kincaid realizes not everything is as it seems at the company. She uncovers a brutal reality there. Ultimately, the book raises a chilling question: Just how far will Lumon Industries go to protect its secrets?

The show is available to watch on Apple TV+. Still in its first season, episode six, “Hide and Seek,” comes out Friday. Three more episodes follow on Fridays each week.

The book is available for free starting Friday on Apple Books. As to why it isn’t out as of this writing … could it be Lumon found out about it? Let’s hope not.