Apple now sells iPhone 12 and 12 Pro refurbs in the US from $619

Apple now sells iPhone 12 and 12 Pro refurbs in the US from $619


Get your iPhone 12 ready for resale.
Sweet savings on devices that look brand-new.
Photo: Apple

You can now buy official iPhone 12 and 12 Pro refurbs through the Apple Store online in the United States. Prices start at $619 for a regular 6.1-inch model with 64GB of storage. Apple doesn’t yet offer iPhone 12 mini or 12 Pro Max.

A range of color options are available and all units are unlocked for use on any carrier. As is always the case with refurbs, stock levels are likely to fluctuate, so it might be best to bag one soon if you’re interested.

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Bag an iPhone 12 refurb from Apple

Buying refurbished is a great way to get a relatively new Apple device at a considerably more affordable price tag. And when you buy directly from Apple, you get the same 12-month warranty you usually get with brand-new units.

They also look brand-new. Apple replaces the device’s outer shell and battery, as well as its packaging and included accessories. So, although they tend to cost more than third-party refurbs, they’re usually worth it.

And now you can buy a refurbished iPhone 12 for the first time.

Prices start at $619

These are the models currently available:

  • iPhone 12 (64GB) — $619
  • iPhone 12 (128GB) — $659
  • iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) — $759
  • iPhone 12 Pro (256GB) — $849
  • iPhone 12 Pro (512GB) — $1,019

Most color options are on offer, but again, refurbished stock isn’t guaranteed. Apple is yet to add iPhone 12 mini or 12 Pro Max, but we would expect those to come at some point in the not-too-distant future.

You can get them cheaper

If you’re looking to pay less and you’re not too worried about devices that look brand-new, it is possible to pick up more affordable iPhone refurbs. Amazon currently offers iPhone 12 from $560 and 12 Pro from $734.